Start Your Day with Starbuzz Vintage Morning Breeze Tobacco

Start Your Day with Starbuzz Vintage Morning Breeze Tobacco


Starbuzz has a distinct range of vintage flavors. Having rolled out dozens of flavors based on different blends of tobacco, fruits, spices, mint and cream, the vintage portfolio brings forth a rather interesting lineup that would excite every shisha enthusiast. Of all the Starbuzz Vintage flavors on sale right now, the Morning Breeze stands out as a perfect start for your day.


A Glimpse of the Starbuzz Vintage Flavors 

Let us quickly touch base on the range of vintage flavors launched by Starbuzz. There is Alaskan Freeze, a minty variant of strong dark leaf tobacco. Colombian Spice is a stout coffee blend with a tinge of cinnamon. Dark Caribbean is a glorious blend of coconut, pineapple, citrus and dark leaf tobacco. Dark Mist is a blackberry variant. Dark Vanilla is a potent blend with lingering aftereffects, and serves as a good base for a plethora of other flavors. The range further includes Delhi Tea, Fresh Lime, Ginkco, Honey Dew Me, Indian Spiced Apple, Orange Chocolate, Peach Spice, Root Beer, Shanghai Passion, Spice Me Red, Sweet Cigar, Tiramisu, Tokyo Spice and White Mist.

An Overview of Vintage Morning Breeze from Starbuzz

Morning Breeze is a tea based flavor. This is the primary reason why you can consider it for your morning session. This does not in any way rule it out for a session at any other time of the day or night. The Morning Breeze flavor works just as well during a hot noon or a cool evening. Most hookah flavors are not suitable for a morning session. The aromas may be overpowering for the early hours, the effects may not be conducive for the next few hours of hard work, and there could be several other flavor specific concerns. None of these are an issue when it comes to the Starbuzz Vintage Morning Breeze.

Morning Breeze uses dark leaf tobacco and lemon tea. So, there is the vintage dark leaf giving you the kick of tobacco. There is chai for your morning wakeup calls. Then there is lemon for the refreshment you need. The flavor is neither too sweet nor too sour. There is a subtle tinge of honey as well, which is best experienced when the packing is adequate, not too little and not too much. Also, the right count of charcoal, cubes or flats must be chosen to properly warm up the quantity of shisha in the bowl.
Starbuzz Vintage Morning Breeze is available in a standard jar of two hundred grams. It is priced at $22.99. Morning Breeze is best enjoyed as a standalone flavor, if you are going to start your day with it. If you are experimenting at some other time or over a leisurely weekend, then you can go all out blending in different flavors to have your eureka moment.

User Experience of Starbuzz Vintage Morning Breeze 

Starbuzz Vintage Morning Breeze is a chai flavor. One thing common in the entire vintage range of shisha flavors is the dark leaf tobacco. All the flavors, whether singular profile or having secondary blends, minty or not, use the same base of dark leaf tobacco. The primary flavor component is determined by what else is in the jar. In the case of Morning Breeze, it is chai or tea, and lemon. Similarly, Colombian Spice is based on coffee and dark leaf, with an addition of cinnamon. You can easily gauge the vast difference between these two flavors in the same vintage range by distinguishing the distinct components.
The first experiential aspect of Starbuzz Vintage Morning Breeze is its lightness. There is a delicate lightness of being with this flavor that makes it perfect for an early morning session. The only time a user would get an overwhelmingly heavy flavor and excessively dense smoke is when the bowl is chockablock. Avoid jam-packing the bowl and your session with Morning Breeze will be as light and airy as you want. You can sprinkle a bit of the shisha into your hookah bowl, use only one piece of charcoal and enjoy light, subtle but refreshing smoke. You can opt for different kinds of stuffing and loading depending on your preference.
Morning Breeze has an extremely subtle tinge of honey, which users derive due to the sweetness. The lemony freshness is not citrusy, too tangy or dominatingly sour. It makes the chai flavor a little more flavorful than it already is. There is a gentle kick, but no major aftereffects. Morning Breeze can easily be for hookah lovers what tea or coffee is for others.

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