Starbuzz Exotic Tangerine Dream:

Starbuzz Exotic Tangerine Dream:


Subtly Tangy

We are back again with another exciting Starbuzz Tobacco overview. Today, we are going to explore all the characteristics of Starbuzz Tangerine Dream Hookah Tobacco from our Exotic line of tobaccos. From the name, you can already guess it has something to do with tangy oranges. However, it is very different from all the other orange shishas available in the market. It is a part of our Starbuzz Exotic series, which is all about unusual tasty fusion that you have never experienced before. If you are a big fan of tangy shishas, then you must give this shisha a try. Without any more delay, let us now dive into this beautiful Starbuzz Exotic Tangerine Dream Hookah Tobacco.


Get ready to be carried away by the refreshing aroma of the Starbuzz Exotic Tangerine Dream that hits right away when you open the can. Its aroma will remind you of the orange soda and matches the flavors so accurately.


Unlike many of our other tobaccos which feature strong flavor profiles, we tried to introduce a subtle dreamy flavor mix with this shisha. There are many tangy orange blends in the market, which is mostly found to be overly sweet, but Tangerine Dream has gone against the trend to keep it delicate and enjoyable. It tastes citrus with a certain amount of sweetness in there. The flavors of orange and other citrus fruits pop out when your bowl gets heated up well. It is not like the natural tangerine flavor but much like a tangerine-flavored, but the tangy flavor is not too strong, which makes it unique from others. If you want to enhance its flavors, then you may try mixing it with other tangerine tobaccos of your choice.


A bowl of Starbuzz Exotic Tangerine Dream will allow you to enjoy a long smoke session. However, it depends on how you pack your bowl. If you pack it dense, it will last longer and vice versa. You can relish a bowl of Starbuzz Tangerine Dreams for a long time. Make sure you heat your hookah with coconut shell coals. They burn evenly and give you a consistent smoke. The flavors are delicate, never too harsh. You can continue for more than 40 minutes without losing its flavors. It will give you a remarkably extended session that will leave a nice mellow tangerine taste in your mouth.


We have prepared our entire Starbuzz Exotic line of tobaccos with premium quality blonde or golden leaves of Virginia tobacco. They receive less sunlight and hence have a lower nicotine content as compared to the dark tobacco leaves. Blonde tobacco leaves give you a slight but very enjoyable buzz. The Starbuzz Exotic series of tobacco primarily focuses on unique blends of flavors that remained unexplored, unexperienced before. If you are looking for good robustness, then you can try flavors from our Starbuzz Vintage series. However, you are happy to savor in some delightful flavors and a little buzz, then Starbuzz Exotic Tangerine Dreams demands to garnish your next hookah session. Try the sprinkling method to pack your hookah bowl; it is the best packing method for optimum flavors.

Cloud Outcome

We can proudly say that you won’t get any other brand that produces any denser, and bigger smoke clouds than our tobaccos. Every hookah smoker loves to blow out huge puffy clouds, and we have never disappointed our beloved smokers in this sector. Extreme hookah lovers always recommend you heat your hookah with two units of coals made of coconut shells. Not only are they natural coals that last for an extended duration but also, they give our clean smoke. All these factors improve the quality of your smoke session and smoke output. Besides this, how you are packing your hookah bowl plays an important role in the smoke outcome. We suggest you stuff your bowl using the sprinkling method. You can do it densely for extra buzz or lightly to relish its tangerine characteristics thoroughly. Both the ways, you are going to love smoking Starbuzz Exotic Tangerine Dreams hookah tobacco.

If you have a thing for citrus flavor, then Starbuzz Tangerine Dreams should be in your collection. Whether you are exhausted after a tiring day or need something rejuvenating in the infuriating summer heat, this tobacco will never fail you. It is available in different quantities, but we suggest you try 100g pack to begin with. If it suits your palate, then you can always order more which we know you will. Hurry up, order it now!

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