CocoBuzz 2.0 Coconut Charcoals: It’s Bigger and Better

CocoBuzz 2.0 Coconut Charcoals: It’s Bigger and Better


Coals are an important element for an exceptional hookah smoke session. There are a variety of charcoal options available in the market, and coconut charcoal is a great heating alternative that has gained immense recognition in the present days. These coals have revolutionized the way of hookah smoking these days. There are multiple hookah coal options available in the market. Starbuzz CocoBuzz Coconut Charcoals is one of the most leading options, but now, we have got a better version of it. In today’s blog, we are going to share with you a complete overview of CocoBuzz 2.0 Coconut Charcoals for you.

CocoBuzz 2.0 Coconut Charcoals: Size and Making

CocoBuzz 2.0 Charcoals are much bigger than the standard Starbuzz CocoBuzz coals. If you compare it with other cube coals, CocoBuzz 2.0 is way hefty. The difference in size is not insignificant. You can notice its size right away. It weighs around 13 to 16 grams on average, while most of the other coals may weigh around 9.5 grams on average. You can pull out a scale and check them yourself.  Being made of compressed coconut shells with no chemical additives, these are entirely environmentally friendly. The coconut charcoals are completely free from fragrances and taste.

CocoBuzz 2.0 Coconut Charcoals: Longevity and Ash Content

These coconut shell charcoals extend your hookah sessions by three times. Believe it or not, it can last for up to 2 pleasant hours. However, not sure if the flavors of your shisha bowl will last that long or not.

Starbuzz CocoBuzz 2.0 Coconut Charcoals are an amazing alternative to the traditional hookah charcoals as it produces a very little ash content. That means there will be less ash, less mess, and more flavors.

CocoBuzz 2.0 Coconut Charcoals: Ignition Time

These coals are big, which means they got a larger surface area to get heated. This will take some time. If you try using a coil burner, then it will burn faster. It will take approximately 10 to 13 minutes to ignite depending on what you are using. It seems to lit faster on a coil burner as compared to the gas stove burner. However, when you consider its longevity, you can ignore the time it takes to heat up properly. Once it gets thoroughly lit, it will endure for hours.

CocoBuzz 2.0 Coconut Charcoals: User Experience

The coals are much bigger and heat extremely well. Hence, if you are using a standard hookah bowl you are recommended to go for only two CocoBuzz 2.0 cubes. Generally, hookah smokers prefer using three cubes, but that won’t be a great idea with these new Starbuzz coals. Three coals will produce too much heat causing overheating of your shisha, which may end up burning your tobacco and spoiling the flavors. However, if your hookah bowl is big and you want a robust smoke session, then it is okay to place three of CocoBuzz 2.0 coconut coals.

These coals are best known for their optimal heat output that brings out the delicate flavor profiles of your shisha. Not only you get to relish your shisha better, but also longer. Coconut charcoals are a perfect extended source of heat that gives out clean smoke. Moreover, being tasteless, CocoBuzz 2.0 charcoals do not interfere with the flavors of your hookah tobacco. It can easily last up to one and a half to two hours giving you a long smoke time.

CocoBuzz 2.0 Coconut Charcoals: Cost and Quantity

There are 72 cubes of CocoBuzz 2.0 coconut charcoal in a pack of one kilo which costs you only $13.99, same as the original CocoBuzz. One pack can easily give you 30 to 35 smoke sessions depending on the number of cubes you are using to heat your shisha. If you are a regular hookah smoker, you might want to check out CocoBuzz 2.0 Super Saver pack. Starbuzz brings a super saver 3 kg pack of CocoBuzz 2.o coconut charcoals for only $37.77. In the supersaver pack, you will get three one kilo packs of CocoBuzz 2.o Charcoals that are high quality, 100% eco-friendly, and long-lasting.


Coconut Charcoals have been a revolution in the world of hookah and Starbuzz CocoBuzz 2.0 Coconut Charcoal is a hot new sensation that no one can miss. We used finely grounded coconut shells to create big cubes that don’t require to be ashed off or swapped.  If you are looking for good charcoal to light up your hookah, go ahead try Starbuzz CocoBuzz 2.0 charcoals right away. You will love it instantly!

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