Age Verification

Why Is ShopStarbuzz Verifying Your Age?

We are committed to offering our customers superior-quality hookah products when they successfully meet the age requirement. We validate our customers’ identity and age, which happens to be a legal obligation for tobacco sales.

How Does ShopStarbuzz's Age Verification Policy Work?

We got access to public data records, which allows us to authenticate the personal details you provide. In certain situations, we ask you to answer several multi-choice non-credit questions that are based on your past data. We scan numerous data sources of public records to obtain information that cannot be found in your wallet (in case it is stolen or lost).

Will Your Provided Data Be Safe and Secure?

Of course, we protect your data with a 256-bit encryption technology, which guarantees all the details that you provided online safely reached us. Moreover, we don’t store, share, or sell your sensitive information with anyone else. It ensures that no unlawful parties can gain admission to your data.

I Reside Outside the United States. Will ShopStarbuzz Be Verifying Me?

ShopStarbuzz's Age Verification procedure is based on the public records of the United States only. There, we are unable to verify people residing outside the U.S. However, military addresses outside the U.S. are accepted for verification.

What Will Happen If I Don’t Get Verified by ShopStarbuzz Age Verification Procedure?

If you are unable to get verified by our age verification process, then contact ShopStarbuzz Customer Service via email or phone to request a ‘manual verification.’ It rarely happens to a small section of customers when there is a minimal source of information on the age verification records.