Starbuzz Vintage Peach Spice Overview

Starbuzz Vintage Peach Spice Overview


Another fan favorite from Starbuzz in its Vintage line is the Peach Spice flavor. This hookah tobacco is unwashed, which leads to a stronger kick, and can be found in a fine to medium cut that helps pack more of a punch than others. Starbuzz’s Vintage Peach Spice flavor is spot on when it comes to imitating the natural source, therefore it is accurately named Peach Spice. It is also considered a versatile shisha when it comes to packing, that means you can feel free to experiment with different methods.

Be aware that heat management can get tricky with this dark leaf blend so it is recommended that you start off with two hookah coals depending on the size of the bowl and work your way up to avoid any harshness during your smoking session. The flavor follows a very nice and natural peachy flavor with a bit of a tobacco note. This particular flavor will hold up for hours.

From the can, it smells similar to a ripe peach, but the smell alone won’t hint at a spice flavor. The smell and taste avoid being overly sweet like other peach-labeled shisha tobacco. It is rather a moist and juicy shisha, with small stems thanks to the cut, but there’s no need to worry since that won’t get in the way.

From a glance you will be able to tell that it is made from a darker leaf tobacco that allows for a stronger buzz while smoking. Like all Starbuzz tobacco, it will deliver an excellent cloud production with a bold flavor without going over the top. As far as spice goes, it has more of a bitterness to it than a spicy factor. The tobacco note helps adds an interesting touch to the overall peach flavor.

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