Starbuzz Exotic Wild Mint Overview

Starbuzz Exotic Wild Mint Overview


Starbuzz is known throughout the world and is popular due to their wide variety of flavors, excellent cloud deliverances, and bold tastes. Their Exotic line is made from the golden tobacco leaf and holds a slight, classic Starbuzz buzz. It features the typical Starbuzz cut and juiciness level. This line focuses on unusual flavors and though mint has become a popularized sensation, Wild Mint gives it a slight variation that can be used for flavor combinations or on its own.

Wild Mint is full of a minty flavor, somewhat like a peppermint, that won’t be harsh on your throat, but that will remind you of that sweet candy. Thanks to that subtle flavor, it will go well with any other flavored shisha imaginable, from fruity to floral and everything in between.

This Exotic line has a typical Starbuzz cut with plenty of stems and medium to large leaves. The Wild Mint version has more of a slimy and moist texture than the wetness found in regular juicy shisha tobacco. It has a pea green color that lets you know it’s going to be a mint favorite with a very subtle and refreshing smell that will remind you of a pack of mint gum. It avoids being a harsh mint, those that clear your nostrils out due to the strong flavor and instead falls behind a sweet mint category.

It is refreshing, sweet and crisp! It is a new twist to the other mint flavors available that focus more on the sting and coldness of menthol. This Wild Mint is subtle but wonderfully refreshing and will definitely be a part of your frequent line up. The cloud production, as with all Starbuzz shisha tobacco, will not disappoint! It gives you thick, smooth clouds without fail that will quickly fill the room.

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