Lebanese Bombshell: A Bomb of Earthy Flavors

Lebanese Bombshell: A Bomb of Earthy Flavors


If you are bored of all the regular sweetish shisha and looking for something different for your next session, this is the place to be. Starbuzz Exotic Lebanese Bombshell is here to resolve all your complaints and satiate your taste buds at the same time. It is a part of our Exotic tobacco series which features some bold and unusual flavors along with some good robustness. Hence, you can expect something exciting and exotic from Starbuzz Lebanese Bombshell.

Lebanese Bombshell: Flavors

With every draw there will be an explosion of flavors in your mouth but those won’t be anything like sweet or fruity. Lebanese Bombshell got the exact aroma and flavors of Cedrus Libani which is Cedar of Lebanon or Cedar wood. This earthy shisha has a little piney touch which truly makes it exotic.

Lebanese Bombshell: Smoke Output

When this bombshell explodes, there is a lot of smoke. However, your packing method also play a big role in the smoke output. If you use sprinkle method to pack it, the smoke output will be less but still good. Starbuzz Shisha is an established named when it comes to dense and delicious smoke clouds.

Lebanese Bombshell: Longevity

Pack your bowl heavy with Starbuzz Exotic Lebanese Bombshell Hookah Tobacco to enjoy an extended hookah session. Just make sure you got coconut shell coal to light your hookah. They give you clean flavors.

Lebanese Bombshell: Robustness

Starbuzz Exotic Lebanese Bombshell shisha is made from the French Virginia Tobacco leaves. Hence, you are sure to enjoy some good buzz.

This Starbuzz Shisha is a simple, smooth yet exotic blend of some earthy flavors. If you are looking for something exclusive, pack your bowl with Lebanese Bombshell. A 250-grams of Lebanese Bombshell can last for 10 to 15 sessions depending on the packing style.  Give it a try, you won’t regret for sure.

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