Starbuzz Vintage Honey Dew Me Hookah Tobacco: Delicacy at Its Best

Starbuzz Vintage Honey Dew Me Hookah Tobacco: Delicacy at Its Best


After a long time, we will dig deep into a beautiful shisha blend from our Starbuzz Vintage line, which is Starbuzz Vintage Honey Dew Me. The series is all about zesty spice notes with unique and refreshing fruity flavor profiles mixed with tobacco’s robustness. These delicious fusions are likely to offer you a game-changing smoke experience that you can find nowhere else. We attempted to bring you certain classic flavors with a fascinating modern touch. This Honey Dew Me blend is not a recent introduction; however, it has become a crowd favorite these days. So, we decided to give you a detailed insight into the Starbuzz Vintage Honey Dew Me in this week’s post. Let’s get going.

Starbuzz Vintage Honey Dew Me: Flavor Profile

Unlike other Starbuzz Vintage shishas, Honey Dew Me is slightly lighter in terms of flavor intensity.  As you may have already guessed, it got nice refreshing watermelon-like flavors. To be exact, it is Honey Dew. While watermelon has a sharp taste, honeydew is way lighter and smoother. What makes it more relishing is that it is not overly sweet like any other watermelon shisha available in the market. It got subtle sweetness with coolness on the exhales, which makes it ideal for longer sessions. You can shrink out the coolness factor by adding more coal to your hookah. 

If you are not a big buff of chocolates and candy but prefer something savory, this is for you. It is indeed a unique combination, making it one of the favorites of both enthusiasts and newbie smokers.

Starbuzz Vintage Honey Dew Me: Buzz and Longevity

If you have smoked some of our Vintage shishas, then you must have already known that they are manufactured with dark tobacco leaves. Dark leaf tobaccos got a higher nicotine content as compared to the golden leaf tobaccos. For this reason, it got more buzz than our other shisha lines. It got an excellent choppy cut with a decent amount of juice, allowing it to endure longer.

You can go for a denser pack to experience its flavors more intensely. That will also boost the strength and buzz of the tobacco and extend the session duration. It will keep up with you without losing its flavors. If not in the mood for such a power-packed experience, try to fluff your bowl pack and enjoy a smoother session. Such lighter sessions allow you to understand the flavors thoroughly.

Starbuzz Vintage Honey Dew Me: Smoke Outcome

In the hookah world, a more prominent and denser smoke outcome is an essential factor that can even decide shisha’s fate. Starbuzz has been creating premium-quality shishas for several years, and our smoke output is so far unbeatable. The clouds that a Starbuzz shisha can produce can never be found anywhere else. We got a reputation built on those thick and large smoke clouds that you love blowing.

Starbuzz Vintage Honey Dew Me: Expert Tips

The method you use to pack your bowl decides how the shisha will taste, how long it will last, and how robust it will be. Again, which charcoal (Quicklight or natural coconut charcoal) you are using, and its quantity does make a lot of difference. You can light pack it for a quick and soothing session or stuff it dense to make it more robust and blow thicker clouds. While underheating your shisha won’t bring out the real flavor profiles, overheating it (with too many coals) can burn your shisha and spoil the entire experience. Hence, heat your hookah wisely. We recommend you using natural coconut charcoal for extensive and clean smoke sessions.

You can try both the styles and, accordingly, which one is your favorite.

Starbuzz Vintage Honey Dew Me: Available Options

You can get this delicious tobacco blend available in 80 grams and 200 grams packs. However, 80 grams pack is way too less ever for a single person’s use. If you are planning to test it  for the first time, it will serve the purpose best. Otherwise, it would be best to opt for the 200 grams pack, which is available for only $22.99. You can also order five or seven of your favorite shishas in the mix and match tobacco pack options.

To conclude, Starbuzz Vintage Honey Dew Me is finely crafted shisha with mesmerizing flavors. You can pack it like that and enjoy it as standalone tobacco with three cubes of coals (for an ultimate experience during winter) or mix it with your other favorites to intensify its notes. No matter how you smoke it, you will fall in love with it with every puff.

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