Overview of the Vintage Tokyo Spice Shisha Flavor from Starbuzz

Overview of the Vintage Tokyo Spice Shisha Flavor from Starbuzz


Several shisha flavors in the Vintage series of Starbuzz have become widely popular, among both beginners and avid smokers. Shisha enthusiasts have already experimented with the Vintage Tokyo Spice and emerged with delectable combinations of distinct flavors. Let’s dive into the bestselling flavor to explore what has made it such a phenomenal favorite of one and sundry.


Availability of Starbuzz Vintage Tokyo Spice

As is common in the trade, many bestselling shisha flavors go out of stock pretty quickly due to an enormous demand. The same transpired for Vintage Tokyo Spice. But, it is now available in stores. There is only one size available right now, the 200g jar. One can stock up of course. Better prices may be available on orders for multiple packs of Vintage Tokyo Spice from Starbuzz.


Flavor Profile of Vintage Tokyo Spice Shisha Flavor from Starbuzz

Most of the shisha flavors in the Vintage series have dark leaf tobacco. Tokyo Spice is no different. It also contains honey, glycerin, and a blend of flavors. The blend is proprietary, but the key ingredients are lime, orange, and a concoction of spices. The citrusy notes are quite evident, and they are hard to miss as the jar gets opened. The aroma is citrusy, but in a subtle manner. There is no overpowering smell.  

The flavor profile of Vintage Tokyo Spice from Starbuzz is enticing. There is no singularly distinguished flavor or taste that one can zero in on. The shisha is moderately sweet. The fruits have a substantial presence. One can easily tell there are multiple fruits in it. What remains a mystery is the specific fruits, how many, and in what proportions. This makes the shisha flavor more captivating than it already is.

The sweetness may remind one of marmalade, whereas the citrus notes balance that out, so the flavor does not turn out to be like a candy. The aroma is pleasantly refreshing. At the crux of the entire flavor profile remains the blend, which makes this shisha a cocktail of sorts. The presence of spices adds that special touch needed in an interesting and satiating cocktail.


Smoke and User Experience of Vintage Tokyo Spice

The density and flavor of smoke shall largely depend on the manner in which a bowl is packed. If the bowl is loosely packed with a sizeable but limited quantity of the tobacco, then the smoke would be lighter and the session would be shorter. If the bowl is tightly packed, but not stuffed, with sufficient tobacco, then the smoke would be denser and the session can easily last over half an hour for one or two people.

The packing also influences the flavor, mostly in the context of the dark leaf tobacco. Vintage Tokyo Spice is not among the boldest flavors from Starbuzz. It is meant to be palatable to the young and the old, the beginners, the shisha enthusiasts, and the connoisseurs. A tighter and more generous packing has more pronounced hits of the tobacco. A lighter load in the bowl would reduce this tobacco hit, whether intensity or the density of the smoke.

Vintage Tokyo Spice is sweet, during inhale and exhale. The flavor profile does not change during the session. The sweetness and citrusy notes are sustained throughout. The quality of smoke including the density and flavor remains steady. The charcoals would have to be regulated, as excessive heat is unwarranted, and so are ashy flats or cubes.

Last but certainly not the least is the flavor profile of the spices. This flavor is mildly spiced. There is no strong, whether pleasant or unpleasant, spiciness that would have a knock off hit. Starbuzz is catering to smokers with varying receptivity to boldness in shisha flavors with the Vintage Tokyo Spice. Hence, the spices are also more on the sweeter and citrusy spectra.


To Blend or Not to Blend the Vintage Tokyo Spice with Starbuzz Shishas?

Starbuzz Tokyo Spice is itself a blended flavor. There are more than six key ingredients with recognizable influences in the flavor profile. The lack of excessive sweetness makes this a fitting candidate for some of the bolder flavors as well as those that have a generously fruity texture, and aroma. Since the tobacco is not overbearing in the Tokyo Spice, it can go well with blends that are considerably stronger. At the same time, Vintage Tokyo Spice from Starbuzz remains a perfect standalone flavor without any further blending whatsoever. 

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