Starbuzz Bold Grape Freeze Hookah Tobacco: Are You Ready for It?

Starbuzz Bold Grape Freeze Hookah Tobacco: Are You Ready for It?


Are you crazy about smoking hookah? Do you often try new flavors to spice up your sessions? Assuming it is a yes, we have an excellent shisha for you that will give you a smooth and mesmerizing hookah session. We are talking about Starbuzz Bold Grape Freeze, a part of our Starbuzz Bold line of hookah tobacco. The Bold line is all about mysterious, audacious, and zesty flavors that will make your day. Now, without blowing any more time, let us quickly check out Starbuzz Bold Grape Freeze.

Starbuzz Bold Grape Freeze: Flavors

It got a nice grape flavor with a subtle minty undertone. Initially, the sweet and tangy flavors of grapes would hit your tastebuds, but as you advance, the minty notes will leave you chilled and excited in a thrill. It has amassed scores of commendations for being a remarkably soothing and unique blend. Beware, this is nothing like the regular overly sweet fruity shisha that you have packed your bowl so far. You will miss something big if you still don’t add some Grape Freeze in your hookah.

Starbuzz Bold Grape Freeze: Strength

Like all Starbuzz Bold Shishas, Grape Freeze also gives you the right amount of buzz. It is prepared from the dark tobacco leaves, which receive more sunlight. They have a higher nicotine content that adds to its robustness. However, it also depends on your packing style. If you pack it dese, it will give you more buzz and dense clouds.

Starbuzz Bold Grape Freeze: Longevity

Starbuzz hookah tobaccos are best known for their juice content. Starbuzz Bold Grape Freeze is no exception to that. It is juicy enough to keep you going through extensive sessions. Kindly note that it is majorly dependent on the coals you use for smoking and how you pack it in your hookah bowl. If you fill it dense, it will last comparatively more than if you pack it using the sprinkling method. Again, if you heat your shisha with natural coconut shell coals, then it will sustain more.

Starbuzz Bold Grape Freeze: Smoke Output 

Smoke output is something in which no one can beat Starbuzz. We take pride in the fact that our shishas give the best smoke clouds in the entire hookah industry. Whether you pack it light or dense, you ought to smoke huge, delicious smoke clouds. However, if you pack it tight, then the clouds will be too thick and, to forget, very savory at the same point in time.

Starbuzz Bold Grape Freeze: User Experience

It is neither overwhelming nor too subtle. The juicy grape flavor embraces you immediately, which becomes refreshing as its minty flavor succeeds. The aroma of Starbuzz Grape Freeze Hookah tobacco is also true to its taste. As you open the pack and take a closer look, you will cherish its gentle fragrance that fills up its immediate surrounding. Compare it to any other fruity shisha of any famous brand; you will find Starbuzz Bold Grape Freeze to be juicier and more flavorful.

How you want your hookah is utterly dependent on your personal choice but those who have tried it find it best when packed lightly.  It is effortless to pack it in the bowl. Take very little of the shisha, spread it using your hand, and start sprinkling it into your hookah bowl. It allows good airflow and helps in heating the shisha evenly. This style of packing brings out the best flavor profiles of both grapes and mint. Seal it with dual sheets of aluminum foil and poke a few holes onto it. If you ask any hookah expert, everyone will recommend you use only coconut shell charcoals. Not only are they clean and don’t add any nasty smell to your shisha, but they also last very long.  However, these coals take a little time to ignite. Place two to three heated coal cubes (depending on your bowl’s size) towards the edge and give it a few minutes to get heated. Then give it a few pulls in between to facilitate quick heating. Once ready, you will get to enjoy the crisp flavors of Starbuzz Bold Grape Freeze.

Starbuzz Bold Grape Freeze: Quantity and Pricing

It is available in three packs, which are 100 grams for $11.99, 250 grams for $21.99, and one kilo for $81.99 only. To start, we suggest you go for the 100grams packs. Once happy and satiated, you can always bounce back to our Starbuzz store to order more. Don’t forget to go for a bulk purchase to enjoy the best pricing.

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