Starbuzz Unicus Hookah

Starbuzz Unicus Hookah - A Quick Look


Starbuzz has almost four dozen distinct models of hookahs, and one of the more stunning designs is that of the Unicus. Starbuzz Unicus is the original design in the series. We have rolled out subsequent versions of the Unicus that are worthy spiritual successors. In the realm of hookahs, there is only so much you can do in regards to the delivery mechanism. Whips, bags or balloons and more recently the pens, limit the possibilities of variance in delivery. However, that does not restrict the quality of a hookah, the materials it is made of, the aesthetics and the multitude of attributes that distinguish one model from another.


Starbuzz Unicus | A Quick Glance

A quick glimpse at the Starbuzz Unicus and you will know that it is special. It is neither massive nor diminutive. Right from the materials to the artistry involved, the hookah stands out and it is a sight to behold. The decorative base is a winner. There is no dearth of shapes and sizes of bases for hookahs. Many do not have any individuality. The base of Starbuzz Unicus is a work of art. The intricate design of the frosted and engraved base will compel anyone to take a second look at this piece. Even if you are not someone who smokes or vapes regularly, still the Unicus can be a proud integral part of the décor in your room. Bringing it out, setting it up and letting it accentuate the immediate ambience is itself an act of pleasure.


Starbuzz Unicus | The Components

Starbuzz Unicus is around seventeen inches tall. It is neither too big to manage, nor too small to be deemed insignificant. The hookah has all the standard components, but it is the quality of these parts that matters. The bowl, for instance, is well crafted. It is not a blandly designed essential piece. The same can be said for the whip, the grommets, the shaft, the tongs or the down stem, aka the rig. The rig is sturdier than anything you may have seen or held in hookahs in the same price range. It is durable, so a tad heavier, rustproof and corrosion resistant. The rig will stand the test of time.

Unicus does not come with too many shafts or split stems. There are just two parts forming the structure, other than the grommets, adapter, whip, mouth tip and bowl stem. Every component is made of sturdy material. The solid materials make these parts more reliable than the components of other hookahs. Hold the tray in one hand and you will feel that it has been built to last. The gauge of the shaft and the stem is sufficient for generously flavored vapour to pass down to the base, then onto the user through the whip.

Starbuzz Unicus comes in six colors: black, purple, blue, green, red and pink. It is hard to rate any of the variants higher than the others. Eventually, your choice shall boil down to your preference. The black is a classic. The blue variant looks ethereal. The green looks bright and a little hip. The purple is a safe choice. The pink one has zing. The red variant is bold. Choose a color you have always liked and one that complements the prevailing hues in your room, where you are likely to have fun with the gorgeous Unicus.

Starbuzz Unicus | User Experience

Setting up the Starbuzz Unicus is a breeze. Seasoned hands will need fewer than two minutes. Those new to shisha would have no trouble with the convenient grommets, adapter and tongs. The Unicus comes in a stylish box. It has a strap. So, whenever you need to carry the hookah to another place, you can pack everything in and take it along conveniently. Finally, when it comes to the quantity of vapor, the Unicus is a giver. You don’t have to put in much effort in your puffs. But of course, you must choose a quality blend to vape and use optimal water.

Starbuzz is known for quality hookahs. All of their models are made of durable materials. The designs are aesthetically pleasing and practical. The Unicus is no different. It is one of the superior models around. The product comes with a three days return policy and online support. We deliver orders worth over a hundred dollars for no additional cost throughout the continental U.S.A. Whether it is your first hookah or the nth, you will grow fond of the Unicus at first sight.

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