Starbuzz Exotic Coco Jumbo: It’s Creamy Lime!

Starbuzz Exotic Coco Jumbo: It’s Creamy Lime!


A heartiest welcome to every hookah lover out there! As the title suggests, we are going to take you over an exciting coconut flavor fusion. We know, not many of you don’t appreciate smoking a coco-flavored bowl, but Starbuzz Coco Jumbo is here to change your perspective today. It is challenging to create an exotic fusion with coconut that will impress our very demanding Starbuzz tobacco smokers. We are glad to share that Starbuzz Coco Jumbo from our Exotic tobacco line has successfully won over many of you. If it still does not sound appealing to you, kindly bear with us till the end of this blog where we will disclose something exciting about Starbuzz Exotic Coco Jumbo.


You will be surprised the moment you open the pack of Starbuzz Coco Jumbo. You would be expecting a blow of coconut but instead, there will be an explosion of refreshing lime. It will be followed by a subtle creamy scent of coconut milk that will leave you invigorated right away. However, we suggest you not to make up your mind until you smoke it.


We crafted Starbuzz Exotic Coco Jumbo in a way ensuring its flavors match its aroma accurately. Once you pack and smoke your hookah packed with Starbuzz Coco Jumbo, you will get a big blow of lime flavors with a sweet creaminess of coconut milk. We kept it mild with the coconut milk. It is not overly sweet as the typical coconut flavors are. The tobacco features the creaminess of coconut flavor with an enjoyable mild sweetness in it. The amalgamation of coconut and stimulating lime is a blend that is worth trying at least once. You will fall in love with its incredible tastes for sure. 


If you take a closer look at Starbuzz Exotic Coco Jumbo Hookah Tobacco, you can see it got a medium choppy texture. It is packed with a high content of molasses or juice, which is essential for long hookah sessions. However, you need to focus on a few more things to extend the duration of your session. For example, go for a phunnel or vortex hookah bowl, pack it appropriately, and lastly use natural coconut shell coals to light up your hookah. Try it once; you will notice the difference yourself.


Our Starbuzz Exotic line is manufactured with high-quality golden or blonde Virginian tobacco leaves. The leaves contain less amount of nicotine as compared to the dark shaded tobacco leaves. Having less nicotine content means little buzz. Starbuzz Exotic line is all about unearthly blends of flavors that you may not have experienced earlier. It will give you a big explosion of tastes along with a slight but very pleasing buzz. 
If you are looking for more robustness to your bowl, you can try packing it denser than usual. On the other hand, if you want to relish its mesmerizing flavors, go for a sprinkling packing method. 

Smoke Outcome

This is one department where we will never disappoint you. Starbuzz has a reputation for its enormous smoke outcome. Pick any Starbuzz shisha flavor and be sure to blow some thick puffy smoke clouds. To improve the quality of your session and volume of smoke output use coals made of coconut shells to heat your hookah. These coconut shell coals are a constant source of heat and give out clean smoke. Moreover, you don’t get the terrible flavor of the charred coal ashes. Boost your smoke output with an extra piece of coconut shell coal and pack your bowl slightly denser than usual. It will also add more robustness to your session. However, if you want to relish the exotic flavor of Starbuzz Coco Jumbo, then pack your bowl light and use two units of coconut shell coals to heat your tobacco. 
Whether you want to beat the scorching heat of sweltering summer or raise the temperature of a chilly winter night, Starbuzz Exotic Coco Jumbo is going to be your new best friend. You can pack and savor its delicious flavors any time of the year for sure. The best thing about this incredible Starbuzz tobacco is that you can enjoy it as it is or add a bit of mint or any of our favorite flavor to spice it up. It is available in 100g, 250g cans and 1 Kilo tub. To start, you can opt for the 100g can then accordingly purchase in volume. 
Waste no time, upgrade your repertoire with Starbuzz Exotic Coco Jumbo. Order now.

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