Starbuzz Serpent Rouge Hookah Tobacco for Your Taste Buds!

Starbuzz Serpent Rouge Hookah Tobacco for Your Taste Buds!


Starbuzz Serpent is the fourth tobacco line from Starbuzz's Shisha collection. Starbuzz, which is best known for its Blue Mist Shisha tobacco from its Exotic series. This hookah tobacco line was launched in 2017. Like the Vintage series, Serpent is also a dark leaf tobacco line. However, this one is kettle cured, which makes Serpent different from the Serpent line. If you are someone looking forward to shifting towards the dark leaf tobacco, then Serpent will be an ideal tobacco collection to get started with. The name of the Starbuzz Serpent flavor, Rouge, is misleading and doesn't give much idea on the flavor profiles it got. Hence, we dedicated this blog to provide a full analysis of Starbuzz Serpent Rouge Hookah Tobacco. Let's get started now.


Serpent series focuses on smooth and sweet flavor blends, and Starbuzz Rouge is no exception to that. It got a magnificent concoction of honeydew with a crisp note of mint in it.


Starbuzz Serpent is dark leaf tobacco, which means these leaves give you a good buzz. It is robust but not as much as the Starbuzz Vintage line. If you want to have the right amount of nicotine in every draw, pack the bowl dense. However, if you're going to indulge in its rich melon flavors, go for a semi-dense pack.


As far as the juiciness is concerned, it is somewhere in the middle. Yet, it can give you some delicious fun throughout a good long session. 

Smoke Output

Like any other Starbuzz tobacco, Serpent Rouge is committed to giving you dense smoke clouds. It can go with any hookah bowl. Pack it semi-dense, ensuring there is adequate airflow. It is ideal for an exceptional Rouge smoke session.

A resealable 200-gram pouch of Serpent Rouge will last you 10 to 15 sessions depending on how you pack your hookah. To conclude, this melon-like tobacco is a real delicacy that will refresh you instantly. 

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