Take a Trip to Japan With Starbuzz Bold Geisha Hookah Tobacco

Take a Trip to Japan With Starbuzz Bold Geisha Hookah Tobacco


Starbuzz Geisha is a part of the tobacco collection of Starbuzz, which is all about daring mixes of unimaginable, exotic flavors. Starbuzz Bold line of tobacco is made using washed blonde Virginia tobacco leaves right in the heart of the USA. If you are excited for something fresh and premium, this is the Shisha you should pack your hookah bowl with it. There is a crowd of flavors in it, and today, we will ensure that you recognize them all. So, let’s start.

Starbuzz Geisha: Flavors

Firstly, you will get a mellow peach flavor with some misty touches of mint, melon, and other fruits. Don’t be surprised if you get some citrusy hints at the end. The blend is extremely smooth and will brighten your dull evening in no time.

Starbuzz Geisha: Longevity

It got the perfect amount of juice to keep you going for long smoke sessions. Moreover, you can make five to seven sessions out of a 100-grams pack depending on how you pack your bowl. Go for a sprinkling method for packing your bowl and use two or three coconut shell coals for lighting your hookah.

Starbuzz Geisha: Robust

Being a blonde leaf tobacco flavor, you are likely to enjoy a smooth balance of robustness and flavors in Geisha. If you are a big devotee of getting a buzz, then try packing your bowl dense with some Starbuzz Geisha.

Starbuzz Geisha: Smoke Output

Get yourself an umbrella as there will some delicious thunderclouds coming out of your Shisha. Starbuzz is famous for its heavy smoke output, and these bold flavors make.

To conclude, this is an excellent, delicate flavor mix that brings Japan into your premises. It comes in multiple quantity options sealed in a resealable can, which is great to save the remaining Geisha after your session. So, hurry up and order some Starbuzz Shisha Geisha!

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