Starbuzz Bold Apple Doppio Hookah Tobacco: When Classic Gets Bold

Starbuzz Bold Apple Doppio Hookah Tobacco: When Classic Gets Bold


Double Apple flavor is one of the most loved hookah flavors that exist. If you are crazy about smoking hookah, then you must have tried the Double Apple flavor at least once. However, Starbuzz Bold Apple Doppio is a little different than the regular Double Apple shisha you generally smoke. In this blog, we are going to tell how unique Starbuzz Bold Apple Doppio is and what you should be expecting from it. Without any more delay, let’s get started.

Apple Doppio: Flavor

It is a part of Starbuzz’s Bold line, which is all about bold and sultry flavors. When you open the pack, it will remind you of Double Apple tobacco, but don’t mistake it with the usual one. Coming to the flavors of Apple Doppio, you can taste two different apples along with a cooling effect, but there is a mysterious flavor too in it. This makes the Starbuzz creation distinct from any other Double Apple tobacco in the market. There is a warm note of anise in it that will give you some fresh vibes to enjoy.

Apple Doppio: Robustness

Apple Doppio is from Starbuzz’s Bold series, which is best known for some good robust punches. This buzz makes the flavors more enjoyable.

Apple Doppio: Longevity

The Shisha has a perfect amount of juice in it, making it ideal for long smoke sessions. Believe it or not, the flavors don’t die out that easily. However, it also depends on how you pack your bowl and what coals you use.

Apple Doppio: Smoke Output

With this Starbuzz production, you are going to blow some dense, delicious smoke clouds. Denser you pack your bowl with Starbuzz Apple Doppio, thicker the clouds will be.

Apple Doppio is Strbuzz’s Bold version of the classic Shisha. It has already impressed numerous hookah enthusiasts. It will be a big miss if you haven’t tried it yet. Hurry, order for Starbuzz Bold Apple Doppio now!

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