Starbuzz Melon Blue Hookah Tobacco: Melons with a Misty Twist

Starbuzz Melon Blue Hookah Tobacco: Melons with a Misty Twist


There are numerous Melon shishas available in the market, but nothing can beat this exotic Starbuzz blend. Today, we are talking about Starbuzz Melon Blue Hookah Tobacco, which is an exciting blend from our Exotic collection. This melon shisha is prepared with golden tobacco leaves, which gives you a little but delightful buzz. Starbuzz Exotic line is focused on bringing you some unusual combination of flavors that will excite your taste buds and make you ask for more. In this blog, we are going to talk and share more about our Exotic Melon Blue, so you know which melon shisha will be perfect for your next hookah session.

  • Flavors. Even before you taste it, you will enjoy the aroma, which is a 100% match to its flavors. It features the flavors of Blue Mist along with a pleasant mellow melon taste during the exhale. It doesn’t feature any of those many melons available in the market but the honeydew or green melons. The melon taste is subtle and mellow, which makes it

very soothing and different from any of the melon shishas you might have tasted earlier. You might also get a hint of white grapes in it.

  • Buzz. It is prepared with blonde or golden leaves of tobacco and has a low nicotine content. This means you will get a minimal buzz but a glut of flavors in Melon Blue.
  • Longevity. You can notice that unlike other Starbuzz Exotic tobaccos, this shisha is packed with more juice and has little or no stem. Moreover, the cut is also small and fine. All these add to its longevity. You can smoothly go for this flavor for extended sessions. Make sure you pack your hookah in the right way.
  • Smoke Output. You will be blowing out some dense, tasty smoke clouds while smoke Starbuzz Melon Blue.

There is no doubt about that. Starbuzz is famous for its exceptional smoke output.It is available in multiple volume options. To begin, you can try the 100 grams can to test it, then you can even go for 1 kg tub.

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