Starbuzz Lemon Mint Overview

Starbuzz Lemon Mint Overview


Starbuzz brings you ultimate joy and relief with Starbuzz Lemon Mint Hookah Tobacco. Refresh yourself anytime around the year with this amazing shisha blend from our ‘Exotic’ line of tobaccos. The series primarily focuses on catering to your taste buds with unimaginable flavor fusions that will impress you instantly. Starbuzz Exotic Lemon Mint Hookah Tobacco may not sound very unusual, but you need to taste it to experience its uniqueness. Let us quickly start assessing the shisha.

Starbuzz Lemon Mint Hookah Tobacco: Introduction

Starbuzz Lemon Mint makes the perfect shisha for a refreshing hookah session. It features a cool-citrusy fusion that can never be boring or dull no matter when you smoke it. This timeless blend would tantalize your taste buds and leave you invigorated for a great day ahead.

Starbuzz Lemon Mint Hookah Tobacco: Aroma and Flavor

It is a dark, green-colored shisha with a medium to fine cut. You may find a few pieces of stem in there but that will not interfere with your smoke session in any way. It is super-packed with juicy, very sticky. As you cut open the shisha pouch, you smell a burst of mint with a light citrusy note. 

When it comes to the taste, it features a strong mint taste as you inhale. However, as you exhale, it offers a strong lemon taste. Overall, it is a nice balance of both. Many hookah enthusiasts find it pretty decent and uplifting.

Starbuzz Lemon Mint Hookah Tobacco: Longevity and Buzz

The shisha has a very drippy consistency due to its juice content, which allows it to last pretty long. A bowl of Starbuzz Lemon Mint can easily last for 30 to 45 minutes. For a nice session, we suggest you use coconut shell charcoal. They are natural and last very long. These natural coals take time to heat up but offer the best smoke experience. It is always better to place the heated charcoal pieces towards the edge of the bowl, so it gets evenly heated.

Starbuzz Lemon Mint Shisha is manufactured with blonde Virginian Tobacco leaves. The golden or blonde tobacco leaves have lower nicotine content. For this reason, tobacco is very light on the buzz factor. Nevertheless, you can always boost its longevity and buzz by packing your hookah bowl dense. However, being extra drippy, the tobacco can block the opening of the stem with the juice and ruin your entire session. Hence, it is ideal not to overstuff your bowl with any such shishas.

Starbuzz Lemon Mint Hookah Tobacco: Smoke Output

Like any Starbuzz shisha, this Exotic blend produces nice white and puffy clouds. You can also densely pack it but make sure it is not overstuffed. If you want to add more coals, the clouds will become puffier, but it may burn up the shisha faster as well.  

Starbuzz Lemon Mint Hookah Tobacco: User Experience

Starbuzz shishas are a little heat sensitive so if you are using two or three pieces of coals then keep rotating the charcoals frequently. You do not need to love lemon or mint to enjoy it. You will fall in love with it the moment you take your first pull. Whether you had a bad day, or the temperature is soaring bad; smoking a bowl of Starbuzz Lemon Mint will cool and relax you in no time. 

You can always spice up your session by mixing some contrasting flavors to it. With Starbuzz Lemon Mint, it is always the right time to get a little creative. Don’t worry, you will never go wrong with it. 

Starbuzz Lemon Mint Hookah Tobacco: Availability and Pricing

You can shop Starbuzz Exotic Lemon Mint Hookah Tobacco in three different quantities depending on your requirement. It comes in containers with 100 grams, 250 grams, and 1000 grams of shisha. You can store the rest of the shisha in the container after using it. If you are not sure about it, go for a 100 grams pack to test it before buying in bulk.

Starbuzz is conducting a special mix and match offer right now. You can pick five or seven shisha blends of the same quantity and series and order in bulk at a discounted price. You can even pick multiple packs of the same flavor. For example, you can order Starbuzz Lemon Mint and any other four or six blends for $49.46, $69.24 respectively. 

If you have a wholesale requirement for Starbuzz Hookah Tobacco, create your wholesale account on and buy wholesale Starbuzz Tobacco. Apart from all these, whenever you order for $125 or more, we deliver your shipment across the nation for free.

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