Starbuzz Exotic Royal Grape Overview

Starbuzz Exotic Royal Grape Overview


Welcome back shisha lovers to another exciting Starbuzz weekly blog. Today, we got something grand for your tastebuds. It’s the very awesome Starbuzz Exotic Royal Grape Hookah Tobacco. As you can see, it is from our ‘Exotic’ line of shishas which primarily focuses on showcasing some unusual flavorful blends that instantly impress you. Starbuzz Royal Grape is no exception to that. Let’s quickly inspect this shisha so you can comprehend it well before placing your next Starbuzz order.

Starbuzz Exotic Royal Grape: Introduction

Supposedly, this is the first time you are going to try out this hookah tobacco. You might not like the initial smell of it. But we recommend you linger a little and pack it in your bowl once. Many have found Starbuzz Exotic Royal Grape to smell like ketchup which is a big deterrence. However, it is only a deception. It is a sweet, savory shisha that is worth being your favorite smoke buddy.

Starbuzz Exotic Royal Grape: Texture and Flavors

The tobacco has a nice cut; however, you may find a few tiny pieces of stem in it. The color of the tobacco is red which may confuse you a little. The shisha is packed with a lot of juice. Don’t worry, it is only because of the tobacco leaves. Coming to the flavors of Starbuzz Exotic Royal Grape, you would be surprised to learn that there tastes nothing but juicy grapes. It is sweet, but nothing overwhelming. The sweetness of the grapes is somewhat very mild and luscious. Nevertheless, Starbuzz Exotic Royal Grape got everything to make your smoke session lush and royal that you will enjoy smoking any hour of the day throughout the year.

Starbuzz Exotic Royal Grape: Buzz and Longevity

When it comes to the buzz factor, Starbuzz Exotic Royal Grape may not be the best, but it still offers an enjoyable experience that you will cherish for a very long time. Our exotic line has been prepared using blonde or golden Virginia tobacco leaves. They receive a lesser amount of sunlight, due to which the nicotine content is also little. They make the best leaves for preparing this Starbuzz Exotic Royal Grape Hookah Tobacco as the fusion of flavors comes out pretty well.

The tobacco has a drippy texture because of its rich juice content. because of this, it may block the pores of your hookah bowl. Hence, it is always advised to pack your bowl very lightly. Due to its optimum juice content, Starbuzz Exotic Royal Grape is likely to last for 45 minutes to an hour.

However, with the right packing method, you can always boost its longevity and robustness to your liking.

Starbuzz Exotic Royal Grape: Smoke Outcome

Starbuzz is an eminent name in the hookah market when it comes to blowing thick puffy clouds. Whether you pack your bowl dense and tight or very light, you are guaranteed to blow some huge smoke clouds. Because of its drippy consistency, it is suggested to pack light, so it doesn’t clog the pore or flow down through the downsteam. Dense packing would be risky and may spoil your entire session by creating a mess. Unless you are an expert, use the sprinkling method to put the shisha into your bowl. It will create good air-pockets and give optimum flavors and puffy smoke clouds.

Starbuzz Exotic Royal Grape: Use Experience

Though the initial aroma of the shisha has been a big turn-off for many, Starbuzz Exotic Royal Grape has successfully impressed the Hookah community with its subtle grape flavors. The aroma doesn’t linger long. It vanishes as soon as you pack it and start heating it evenly with coconut shell charcoal. As you take the first drag out, you will be captivated instantly. Since its inception, it has been an all-time favorite for the avid hookah aficionados. With every drag, the flavors get better and lusher. In every aspect, Starbuzz Exotic Royal Grape provides a royal experience.

Starbuzz Exotic Royal Grape: Availability and Pricing Options

The hookah tobacco is accessible in three quantity options, i.e., 100 grams, 250 grams, and 1-kilo tub for $10.99, $20.99, and $75.99 respectively. If it is your first time, get a 100 grams pack to test it. If you like it, then you can bulk purchase. We are also offering bundled offers, where you can opt for five or seven of your favorite Starbuzz Hookah Tobacco for a discounted price. Don’t forget to check them out alongside Starbuzz Exotic Royal Grape.

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