Starbuzz Spiced Chai Overview

Starbuzz Spiced Chai Overview


Starbuzz Spiced Chai has found its rightful place on innumerable lists of most favorite shisha flavors in the past few years. Ever since its launch, Spiced Chai has been a bestseller for Starbuzz and it continues to win new fans. Chai lovers, in particular, would be thrilled with this satiating flavor.  

Availability of Starbuzz Spiced Chai

Starbuzz Spiced Chai is available in three sizes: 100 g, 250 g, and 1000 g or 1 Kg. The flavor is packed in the classic black tin of Starbuzz. The larger pack comes in a white tub with the branded black label.

Flavor Profile of Spiced Chai from Starbuzz

The flavor is straightforward chai. Anyone who loves tea before will instantly recognize the smell. One may feel like it is some variant of coffee, but it is not. It is also relatively easy to be perplexed with the mix. The moist golden leaf shisha tobacco in the Spiced Chai packs several subtle and pronounced tinges. You will experience a combination of fragrances.

For starters, the sweetness is apparent. You may find the familiar smell of cookie dough. You could get a hint of cinnamon, a tinge of peanut butter, and some undertones resembling that of brown sugar. None of these are actually a part of the recipe of Spiced Chai from Starbuzz. These undertones exist due to the earthy spices used in the flavor.

Starbuzz Spiced Chai is a fascinating standalone flavor. The tobacco is moist, soft, and rich in texture. The dominating flavor is of chai. There are subtle secondary flavors. There is sufficient creaminess that is soothing, but the sweetness is never overbearing.

User Experience of Starbuzz Spiced Chai

Smokers should consider using a phunnel bowl for Starbuzz Spiced Chai. The shisha tobacco is moist, so any other type of bowl will not be able to prevent the juices from flowing down the stem. It is also necessary to pack the bowl just right. Overstuffing may lead to the juices accumulating at the bottom of the bowl. Pack enough and have sufficient aeration inside the bowl.

Starbuzz Spiced Chai starts off on a lighter and creamier note. The sweetness paves the way for a richer chai flavor. As the tobacco gets adequately heated, every puff is loaded with flavor and the texture remains smooth throughout till the last draw of your session.

Starbuzz Spiced Chai is refreshing. The spices provide a distinct flavor profile. While the sweetness and creaminess keep the smoke light, the spices and the chai provide the heft. As is the case with every Starbuzz Exotic and Bold flavor, Spiced Chai offers dense and voluminous clouds of smoke.

You must avoid overheating the tobacco. When not in use, the tin can or the tub should be sealed tight to help the tobacco retain its moistness. If you wish to mix Spiced Chai with other flavors, opt for those with sufficient tartness or a pronouncedly contrarian texture. Sweet and juicy flavors are not ideal mixes for Starbuzz Spiced Chai.

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