Starbuzz | Irish Peach Overview

Starbuzz | Irish Peach Overview

Starbuzz brings to you yet another flavor that you will fall in love with. The Irish Peach offers the perfect blend of sweetness and boldness to make your smoking experience truly refreshing and satiating. Hookah enthusiasts and shisha connoisseurs usually have a distinctly diverse preference when it comes to flavors. Many prefer strong and bold flavors. Likewise, there are many others who prefer milder and sweeter flavors. The Irish Peach is surely for every avid smoker and also for those who are looking for an effective but not overpowering flavor.

Irish Peach Flavor from Starbuzz

There are two dominant flavors in the Irish Peach. The first is of course the fruity and creamy peach flavor. You may be reminded of the peach bubblegum of yesteryears, a favorite of millions. The other dominant flavor is that of the tobacco. We have opted for an eclectic bundling of peach and tobacco. The peach lends to the refreshing sweetness of the flavor. The tobacco lends to the boldness, which is something all shisha enthusiasts prefer. The combination has been perfected, so you would not experience any bite or a hard hit in your mouth, or throat, when you inhale. You would not experience overwhelming sweetness either. It is a fine balance. If you are looking for something mild and bold at the same time, then the Irish Peach is the most obvious choice.

Available Sizes and Prices 

We have three available sizes of Starbuzz Irish Peach for now. These are 100g, 250g and 1kg packs. The 100g pack is the bestselling size for this flavor. However, you are going to save considerably with the larger packs. If you want to share the flavor and enjoy with your friends and fellow hookah enthusiasts, then we recommend you pick up either of the two larger packs. Please check our latest prices for the respective sizes. You can save as much as 30% in proportion should you choose to buy the 1kg pack.

User Experience of Starbuzz Irish Peach 

The Irish Peach flavor from Starbuzz is neither too mild nor excessively bold. It is quite sensitive and has pronounced flavors that do not leave any unpleasant aftertaste. Users are advised to not resort to excess heat before experiencing the flavor. There are some flavors out there that do not warm up quickly and resist the uniform absorption of heat. These are not the issues you will encounter with Irish Peach. Starbuzz Irish Peach is a gentle flavor and it gets heated up quite quickly. The heat spreads evenly if you pack it well enough. Two medium sized coals or four small cubes should be sufficient. Depending on the size and quality of the coal, you may have to change the set during a session. The duration of one session would also influence whether or not you need a coal change.
Starbuzz Irish Peach has a consistent flavor profile. You will taste the sweetness and boldness right from the first instance of inhaling, through the exhale and during your entire smoking session. The first inhale is not overpoweringly strong. You will not get choked or shaken with a bite. Every inhale and exhale has the same flavor and texture. You will experience the same flavor and texture right down to your last puff.
The same is true for the volume of the smoke or cloud density. Irish Peach is one of the most generous cloud or vapor producers among the flavors offered by Starbuzz. You will love the consistently dense clouds. An adequate puff produces enough vapors for one user to pass on the whip to another. A typical session with a usual stuffing of this flavor should last around forty five minutes. If there are several users then the session may last around thirty minutes. Beginners may very well enjoy a single session lasting up to an hour.

Immediate Effects and Aftertaste of Starbuzz Irish Peach 

Irish Peach is not an extremely strong flavor in any way. There is no effect on your palate or throat. You would not feel any sustained sweetness in your mouth or tongue after a session. You can enjoy this flavor for multiple sessions in a single day, without feeling any exhaustion in your mouth or throat. You may also combine other Starbuzz flavors with the Irish Peach, if you are game for some experimentation.
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