Starbuzz Exotic Wild Berry Mint Overview

Starbuzz Exotic Wild Berry Mint Overview


Wild Berry Mint is one of the bestselling Starbuzz Exotic shisha tobacco flavors. It is a successor of another popular Starbuzz Exotic flavor, the Wild Berry. Both are delightful shisha tobaccos. The predecessor is fruitier while the latter is expectedly minty.

Availability of Starbuzz Exotic Wild Berry Mint

Starbuzz Exotic Wild Berry Mint is available in three sizes: 100 grams, 250 grams, and 1000 grams or 1 kilo. The two smaller sizes come in tins. The larger one is a tub. Wild Berry Mint is currently on sale.

Flavor Profile of Starbuzz Exotic Wild Berry Mint

Since Wild Berry Mint takes forward the legacy of another popular flavor, the comparison is unavoidable and all who have tasted the earlier variant will inevitably contrast the two. Starbuzz Exotic Wild Berry is rich in strawberries and blueberries. The Mint variant has more strawberries than blueberries. The minty flavor is dominant with a pronounced undercurrent of the berries. Given the proportion of use, the strawberries are more dominant than the subtle blueberries. These are the principal differences between the Wild Berry and the Wild Berry Mint in Starbuzz Exotic range.

The flavor profile is not really split into primary and secondary. The mint coexists with the berries. One puff and you will experience the richness of the berries and the minty flavor of this shisha tobacco. This combination maintains a fine balance between the sweetness of the berries and the minty flavor that many Starbuzz fans love. The Wild Berry is sweeter and naturally appeals to all those who enjoy fruity and candy flavors. The Wild Berry Mint caters to both candy or fruit lovers and those who want minty coolness. Starbuzz Exotic Wild Berry Mint offers a distinct user experience with absolutely no caveat.

User Experience of Starbuzz Exotic Wild Berry Mint

Wild Berry Mint comes in the usual Starbuzz package for its Exotic range. Those who are familiar with the Wild Berry variant will notice how the product label showcases more strawberries than blueberries in the Mint version. Opening the tin will give you the familiar glimpse of the standard Starbuzz cuts of shisha tobacco. The pieces are juicy, neatly shaped, and there is a generous dose of aromatic goodness. Fresh out of the tin or tub, Starbuzz Exotic Wild Berry Mint smells fruity with a tinge of mint. The fragrance of mint is not too prominent. It features prominently in the flavor. The fragrance and the overall texture of the shisha tobacco resemble those of the Wild Berry.

Handling the Wild Berry Mint is simple. Phunnel bowls are best suited for such juicy flavors, primarily to avoid the molasses from dripping through the hole and down into the stem. Excessive stuffing should be avoided. Extremely light stuffing should be averted too. Optimum packing of this tobacco in a bowl is the ideal way to enjoy the deliciousness of Wild Berry Mint. Since the flavor is already minty, room temperature water should work fine. The charcoal pieces should be rotated well for uniform heat distribution. Using too many charcoals may turn the smoke a tad harsh. There is no choking effect though. The sweet and minty flavor is best experienced when the smoke is not too light or dense.

The quality of the smoke generated by Wild Berry Mint is similar to all other Exotic flavors of Starbuzz. The smoke is voluminous, rich in flavors with a smooth texture, and a fine aftertaste. There is no unpleasant buzzing. The sweet and minty kick is consistent throughout a session. The Wild Berry Mint is neither too sweet nor surprisingly minty that would discourage you from a long session. This is one of those Starbuzz Exotic flavors that you could smoke all day.

Pairing with Starbuzz Exotic Wild Berry Mint

Many shisha enthusiasts love to mix two or more flavors for a unique blend. It is hard to generalize the pairing possibilities with Starbuzz Exotic Wild Berry Mint. Since it is already a minty flavor, other mint or for that matter menthol editions may not be an ideal candidate. The prevalent berries and the resulting sweetness in this flavor may prevent other fruity or candy-like mixes from being suitable pairing options. You can of course experiment with interesting combinations, perhaps a Starbuzz Vanilla. Those who want to enrich the Wild Berry Mint with more blueberries can try out the Blue Mist as a complementing flavor. There are obviously umpteen possibilities of pairing with the Starbuzz Exotic Wild Berry Mint.

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