Starbuzz Exotic White Grape Hookah Tobacco Overview

Starbuzz Exotic White Grape Hookah Tobacco Overview


Starbuzz White Grape is counted among the bestseller Starbuzz hookah tobaccos for the last few years. Since its launch, Starbuzz White Grape has been one of the topmost favorites of ardent hookah fanatics. The Starbuzz flavor is a part of our premium Starbuzz Exotic line of hookah tobaccos that is dedicated to crafting exotic melds by fusing unusual flavors. Get ready to thrill your taste buds with this stunning Starbuzz shisha.

Starbuzz White Grape Hookah Tobacco: Appearance & Aroma

It comes in a regular resealable container. As you open the pack, the first thing that you will notice is bright red-colored tobacco that is super moist and wet. Take a closer look, and you can find some stems in it. however, it is not too sticky that you will have to get your hands washed after touching it. Aroma-wise, it has a strong fruity scent. Even though it doesn’t smell like grape at the beginning it certainly feels like a berry.

Starbuzz White Grape Hookah Tobacco: Flavor Profile

After an initial assessment, it is time to dig a little deeper into its flavor profile. Unlike the aroma, it has a nice and pleasant flavor but with a twist.  Starbuzz White Grape Hookah Tobacco tastes like candy or soda with a crisp twist of grape flavor. It is as relishing as the real grapes, except it is not green or purple.

Starbuzz White Grape Hookah Tobacco: Longevity, Smoke Outcome

The shisha has a great moist and wet texture with a good amount of juice content, which allows it to last pretty long. Apart from juice content, the longevity of the shisha depends on a couple of factors, i.e., bowl packing method and coals. If it is packed densely, it will endure longer; however, the pores in the bowl can get blocked with excess juice. On the other hand, packing it with the sprinkling method improves airflow and helps you enjoy its soothing flavor profile better. Unlike Quick Lights, Coconut Shell Natural Charcoals last very long, increasing the longevity of the session. If you want to smoke it longer, go for the natural Coconut charcoal.

Starbuzz White Grape Hookah Tobacco: Buzz

Exotic line by Starbuzz has been prepared using golden or blonde leaves of Virginia Tobacco plants. These leaves receive less amount of sun and have lower nicotine content. Being low on nicotine, it brings out the exotic flavor blends beautifully. Starbuzz Exotic Hookah Tobacco line is all about indulging captivating amalgams of unusual flavors. It is mild as compared to the tobaccos prepared using dark tobacco leaves. If you want to make it a little robust, then you can try packing your bowl a little denser but make sure it doesn’t clog the holes, or your entire smoke session will go bad. Packing it tight will improve the buzz.

As for the smoke output, Starbuzz has a reputation in the market for producing super dense, fluffy smoke clouds as compared to any other brand. However, you can alter it by changing your bowl pacing style. Again, you need to add the proper amount of heat so the shisha can get evenly heated and produce optimum smoke. If under-heated, the smoke outcome will be negligible. Whereas, if you add too much heated charcoal it will burn the hookah tobacco and give you awful smoke. Initially, you can go for three pieces, but as the bowl gets evenly heated, remove a piece to reduce the heat.

Starbuzz White Grape Hookah Tobacco: User Experience

Even if you are not a big fan of grapes, you will still love the tantalizing medley attained in Starbuzz White Grape Hookah Tobacco. The soda/candy twist added to the crisp grape flavor has transformed it into something very appealing. Though many don’t find it something out-of-the-box, most hookah smokers have given it an eight out of ten. So, before making any call, give it a try and see how you like it.

Starbuzz White Grape Hookah Tobacco: Availability Options

You can order in three different volume quantities of 100g, 250 g, and 1000g for $10.99, $20.99, and $75.99 respectively. Presently, we are having an exciting bundle offer where you can pick and order five or seven of your preferred shisha blends of the same quantity together at a reduced price. We also accept bulk orders, so log into your wholesale Starbuzz account for our exclusive wholesale deals. Lastly, shop for $150 or more and enjoy free shipping across the country.

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