Starbuzz Exotic Passion Fruit Overview

Starbuzz Exotic Passion Fruit Overview


Starbuzz has been committedly expanding its distinct ranges of shisha flavors. Exotic is among their bestselling collections of tobaccos and one of the more recent rollouts, Passion Fruit, has become immensely popular. Available in three sizes: 100g, 250g, and 1000g, Starbuzz Passion Fruit could be your next favorite shisha flavor.

Aroma & Texture of Starbuzz Exotic Passion Fruit 

The fruit is mostly grown in tropical regions around the world, with substantial cultivation in subtropical areas as well. Passion fruit is used in many ways, especially recipes, much like apples. It is hence unsurprising that Starbuzz would develop a flavor entirely dedicated to this wonderful fruit. However, where many do not succeed at extracting the right kind of aroma, texture, and of course flavor, Starbuzz accomplishes all three in a rather glorious manner.

The fruit is quite aromatic. There could be some debate as to if it is among the most aromatic or fragrant tropical fruits, since there are numerous others. What cannot be disputed is the pleasant aroma of the fruit, which is quite interestingly induced and retained in this tobacco. Starbuzz Passion Fruit does not overwhelm you with its fragrance. It has a pleasant aroma. The whole room would not fill up with the fragrance at the very moment when you uncap the can, or tub, depending on the size you purchase, but you would get the generous tinges of the fruit.

The texture of Exotic Passion Fruit tobacco is what people have come to expect from Starbuzz. You would find sizeable chunks of the shisha flavor. There is no inessential component in the pack. The tobacco is neither dry nor wet. It has just the right kind of moistness that makes your life easier. Your fingers would not be all gooey, and you would not have to dabble with dry tobacco that becomes really brittle and hard to manage while stuffing. The real magic of Exotic Passion Fruit from Starbuzz rests in its aroma and texture generated after you start smoking.

Flavor Profile of Passion Fruit Tobacco from Starbuzz 

Exotic Passion Fruit tobacco from Starbuzz has a single flavor profile. There is no secondary or tertiary flavor. All you get is passion fruit, in all its tropical and subtropical glory. The flavor is consistent, right from the first voluminous smoke to the very last puff. The flavor has a bite. There is no quaint hit or harsh effect at all, but the tartness is pronounced. Those who have tasted the fruit before are aware of the slightly sour taste it bears. Unlike many tropical fruits, it does not a naturally excessive sweet flavor. The tartness really works for all those who do not like overly sweet shisha flavors.

The subtle sweetness with the noticeable tartness also makes Exotic Passion Fruit a fitting candidate for blending and mixing with other flavors. Usually, excessively sweet shisha flavors are combined with bold tobaccos. For Passion Fruit, you can experiment with both ends of the spectrum. You can go for a sweet flavor, for instance mango, and easily enjoy an unprecedented session. You can also go for a dark leaf tobacco with a bold flavor to play with the slight sweetness and marked tartness of Starbuzz Passion Fruit.

Smokes & Sessions of Starbuzz Exotic Passion Fruit Tobacco

Starbuzz Exotic Passion Fruit tobacco is a giver. Once heated up, the smoke is voluminous and filled with flavor. This is when you would realize the actual aroma and the texture of the shisha flavor. The flavor is dominantly of passion fruit, and there is no interference or influence of any other material, or ingredient. This also makes it compatible with other flavors, whether with only a primary profile or secondary flavor as well. The smoke is also dense, which makes Passion Fruit eligible for a session with friends. Every puff is loaded with the aroma, texture and flavor. Passing around the whip every now and then for a fresh draw would not affect the quality of the smoke, or the entire user experience.

 Passion Fruit tobacco does not have to be used in excess for a session. Unless you have some company, there is no reason to fill up the entire bowl with this flavor. Decide the stuffing depending on the intended duration of the session. Also, determine the number of charcoals you must use depending on the quality and size. Less than necessary and excessive heat, both would adversely affect the flavor profile of Exotic Passion Fruit from Starbuzz.

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