Starbuzz Blue Surfer - A Tropic Wonder

Starbuzz Blue Surfer - A Tropic Wonder


Starbuzz has several tropical shisha flavors in its inventory. There are standalone fruit flavors, using one major ingredient, and there are blends. Blue Surfer falls in the latter category. It is a blended flavor comprising more than one tropical sensation. For those aware of the larger branding labels used by Starbuzz, Blue Surfer is in the Exotic line of shisha flavors made by the Starbuzz. 

Blue Surfer Flavor from Starbuzz

Blue Surfer shisha flavor from Starbuzz uses three main ingredients: pineapple, grape, and blueberry. While the shisha is named as Blue Surfer, it does not imply the dominance of blueberry. In fact, one of the first things you would notice about this shisha flavor is its sweet and citrusy aroma of pineapple. Grape adds a bit of tanginess along with sweetness. Blueberry is another sensational flavor. All three flavors work in tandem. There is no primary, secondary, and tertiary flavor. You may find a hint of mint or lime in the flavor, but there is no lemon, or menthol in this blend.

Blue Surfer shisha from Starbuzz uses golden Virginia tobacco. It is as popular as dark leaf tobacco. The golden hue of Blue Surfer that you see after opening the can is due to the choice of tobacco leaf. There is no special gold color added to the blend to make it look like that. You will also find the shisha to be a tad moist. This is owing to the nature of the blend. Tropical fruit flavors tend to work best when the extracts retain some moisture. Excessively dried tropical fruits, or their extracts, do not have the most satiating flavors.

Available Sizes and Prices of Starbuzz Blue Surfer

There are reports of Starbuzz Blue Surfer being available in three sizes: 100g, 250g, and 1000g. The shisha is not actually sold in so many sizes. The two sizes widely available are 100g and 250g. The prices starts at $10.99 for a 100g and$24.99 for a 250g can. Check for offers at the time of purchase.

User Experience of Starbuzz Blue Surfer

Starbuzz Blue Surfer is neither overwhelming nor excessively subtle. The aroma is realizable, but it is not going to fill up your entire room. Unless you start smoking, it is quite possible that your olfactory senses would not be too troubled. As you take a closer look, you would get the whiff of tropical fruits. It is only when you start smoking this interesting blend, the fragrance is going to stay limited to the very immediate surroundings of the shisha. The fact that the shisha is moister than many of the other tobaccos made by different companies means you would not get a very strong fragrance.

Setting up the Starbuzz Blue Surfer is really easy. While your fingers would get a bit messy when you try a moist shisha flavor like the Surfer, the effort would be worthwhile as you begin smoking. Don’t overstuff the bowl with Starbuzz Blue Surfer, as that would make the bowl chockablock, and not enough air would pass through the tobacco. The moisture or wetness of the shisha would prevent sufficient air from circulating within the apparatus. It is also necessary to let this tobacco flavor get heated up real well. Only then can you extract the largest vapors in a very short span of time.

Immediate Effects and Aftertaste of Starbuzz Blue Surfer

Starbuzz Blue Surfer is a light tropical shisha flavor. It does not overpower you in any way. If the charcoals are not well lit, if there is insufficient heating, or if you have overstuffed the bowl, then you would struggle to get enough vapors initially. Make sure the charcoals are sufficient in number and really hot as you put them on the foil. Ensure the bowl is stuffed properly and there is enough space for air to pass. Let the heat interact with the tobacco for two to three minutes, so the flavors can be effectively released from the shisha, and then start your puffs.

Blue Surfer by Starbuzz is a must have for any avid hookah shisha fan. Hop on over to our store to place an order today. Be sure to take advantage of our bulk pricing feature to get the best pricing!

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