Overview of Starbuzz Unicus Hookahs

Overview of Starbuzz Unicus Hookahs


Starbuzz Unicus is an amazing range of hookahs. Many are already aware of this bestselling model, and there are now three generations of these pretty, powerful, and awesome shishas. Unicus, the first of its kind entry level hookah from Starbuzz, was a bestseller. Unicus 2.0 cemented its place as a phenomenally popular brand. Now there is Unicus 3.0, which has upped the ante for the competitors. Let us dive into the satiating Unicus hookahs and introduce you to what could very well be your first personal shisha.  

Unicus | The Simplest Unique Hookah

Unicus 1.0, or Unicus, as it was known at the time of its inception, stands seventeen inches tall. It has a hundred and fifty centimeters long matching hose. The package comes with all essentials, including poker and tongs. For those wondering, the poker is handy to sort the shisha flavor inside the clay bowl, and it can also be used to make the holes in the aluminum foil. With Unicus 1.0, all you need is your favorite tobacco and preferred charcoal to get started.

The stainless steel stem of Unicus 1.0 found its ways into the next generation model. Unicus 2.0 also retained the seventeen inches height and a hundred and fifty centimeters hose. The second generation or edition simply rolled out more color combinations. There is actually a dual color combo in all the Unicus 2.0 variants. Unicus 1.0 has around a dozen different colors to choose from. Unicus 2.0 retains the popular colors and goes different ways for the down-stem or shaft and the glass base.

Unicus 3.0 is, by accounts of many, the best in the entire range till now. It retains all the strengths of the two preceding models, and improves the craftsmanship, quality of materials and their finish, the subtle elements that make the difference between just a typical shisha and a masterpiece. Unicus 3.0 has a similar design and other features, but there is a pronounced difference in the experience. The customized ceramic head is still there, and improved. The stem design has been enhanced. The anodized aluminum mouthpiece is already making waves. There is a duotone glass vase. Unicus 3.0 has five color combos. Unicus 2.0 also had around half a dozen color combos.

Unicus is for the Stylish Hookah Connoisseur

A lot can be said about the physical aesthetics, the functionalities, and the durability of the Unicus range. The range is known for its superior performance. One must not judge the book by its cover, or gauge the power of an apparatus by its size. Unicus is among the smaller hookahs. It is neither among the tallest or heaviest. Yet, it is a superbly stable shisha owing to its pyramid base. The base is actually wider than some of the taller hookahs. This makes it steady, even when you move its long hose around. Despite its entry level purpose and the relatively small size, the hose is among the longest.

The design and craftsmanship of all three editions of Unicus are sturdy. The active smoke filtration has been celebrated by everyone who has used any of the three. The classy and elegant presence of Unicus can accentuate any setting, whether it is a personal cave in your house or a posh lounge in the city. The user experience of Unicus is what has made it a bestseller, whether it is the density of the smoke or the coolness quotient, how the flavors of the shisha tobacco are retained or the filtration in action.

The Unicus Experience

Unicus has a relatively smaller bowl at the top. This is for a specific purpose. A sizeable bowl needs to be sufficiently filled for the heat from the charcoal to do its job. If you overfill a bowl, then you are compelled to smoke longer than you may intend to. If you don’t fill the bowl enough, then you would have a lot of air inside, and this has a direct adverse effect on the density and flavor of the smoke. Since the Unicus range does not compel you to use a lot of shisha tobacco, and still have a necessary stuffing in the clay bowl, you neither experience an inferior quality smoke nor do you have to continue the session any longer than you want. Unicus is the ultimate personal hookah. It is perfect for a single user. It is even better for two people. The Unicus experience is nothing short of complete satiation, anywhere, anytime.

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