Starbuzz Exotic Mighty Freeze Overview

Starbuzz Exotic Mighty Freeze Overview


Starbuzz Tobacco wishes you a very Happy New Year. May this year bring you a chest of hope, happiness, and joyous moments. This week’s blog is all about starting the year on a fun, delicious note. For this reason, we have picked a subtle but sensuous blend that will leave you with an enticing experience. We are talking about Starbuzz Mighty Freeze Hookah Tobacco from our exotic line of premium hookah tobaccos, which primarily focuses on unusual flavor syntheses. Let us dive into the shisha and see why it has appealed to so many hookah enthusiasts.


Flavor Profile of Starbuzz Mighty Freeze Hookah Tobacco

It is a medley of lemon with refreshing cool mint. The tartness of lemons, along with the minty notes that make it even more enjoyable. Don’t be surprised if you get a hidden trace of sweet lemon candy. The scent can be accurately defined as the mix of lemon and mint. There are multiple lemon-mint shishas in the market, which can make you wonder why Mighty Freeze is so special.

Mighty Freeze is a nice shisha with a light flavor profile, making it ideal for a morning or after-dinner smoke. It may not blow your mind, but it will certainly rejuvenate you for a great day ahead.


Availability of Starbuzz Mighty Freeze Hookah Tobacco

The lovely shisha is available in three packs of 100 grams, 250 grams, and one kilo. Depending on your fondness, you can opt for any of them. Kindly note that better prices will be available on bulk purchases. So, if you want to test it, then a 100g pack will be ideal. To stock up, it would be better to go for a kilo pack. In case you want to try different flavors but also want a good deal on that, we got your back. We also got a few packages combining different shisha flavors. Don’t forget to check them out.


Smoke Outcome and Longevity of Starbuzz Mighty Freeze Hookah Tobacco

Like any Starbuzz Tobacco, Mighty Freeze will never disappoint you on its flavors’ smoke outcome and longevity. The subtle sweetness and evident tartness of lemons with the hint of minty coolness along with the boldness of Virginia Tobacco leaves make it a win-win combination. It is a precisely cut tobacco packed with a fair amount of juice that will last for extensive smoke sessions and allow you to blow gigantic dense smoke clouds with every puff. 

Once it gets heated rightly, the smoke outcome will be voluminous and laden with incredible flavors. This is when you get to relish its amazingly refreshing aroma. If you are not a regular Hookah smoker, we got a few quick hookah tips for an optimal smoke session.

First, make sure you pick the right bowl. Ideally, a phunnel bowl goes well with Starbuzz shisha. To pack it, we suggest you go for a sprinkling packing method. It will give you a better flavor profile with slight robustness. However, if you want it more power-packed, keep it dense or go for a bold shisha. Secondly, add two to three coconut charcoal cubes to heat your shisha. They are a lasting source of heat and gives a clean smoke.


User Experience of Starbuzz Mighty Freeze Hookah Tobacco

Starbuzz Exotic Mighty Freeze is palatable for Hookah buffs of all levels, including new, old, connoisseurs, and beginners. Packing it tight would give you pronounced hits of robustness, whereas a generous load of shisha in your bowl will reduce the hits but intensify the fantastic flavors and densify the smoke. It is sweet and tart on inhale but gives out a minty chillness as you release the smoke. The best part of the shisha is that even though it is light, the flavors don’t die quickly. The lemony taste with the minty note sustains throughout without deteriorating the quality of the smoke. However, one should pay attention and keep regulating the charcoals to avoid overheating ash flats as it hampers the session quality.

Starbuzz Exotic Mighty Freeze Hookah Tobacco is pleasant when smoked alone. However, you can always experiment and add other Starbuzz shishas. If you want to make it sweeter, try adding some mango or banana or something spicy for an exciting twist. There is no threshold to what you can combine. Otherwise, Starbuzz Exotic Mighty Freeze is perfect in itself for your regular good morning smoke sessions.

At the end of the day, it is your smoke time, so pack it the way you like and keep enjoying your smoke!

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