Starbuzz Exotic Double Apple Hookah Tobacco Overview

Starbuzz Exotic Double Apple Hookah Tobacco Overview


You may have tried numerous double apple-flavored shisha available in the market, but nothing can beat what we have brought you today. It’s a super delicious, unusual, and mesmerizing blend from our Exotic line of shishas named Starbuzz Exotic Double Apple Hookah Tobacco. Our Exotic shisha line features some unusual flavor fusions that you may have never tasted earlier. Without any further ado, let us quickly give you an overview of this fantastic blend.

Starbuzz Exotic Double Apple: Flavor Profile

If you are a fan of subtle flavors, then this Double Apple will impress you right away. As the name indicates, there is a strong flavor of two apples but with a delightful licorice twist. It is not that intense but mild and very flavorsome. Generally, double apple shishas of other renowned brands are strong on the licorice with a hint of double apple.  If you wish to tone it down but don’t want to lose its charm, then Starbuzz Double Apple is a must-try. Starbuzz Exotic Double Apple is an excellent option to get started for those who have never tried double apple shisha earlier. Even the aroma justifies the flavors exactly.

Starbuzz Exotic Double Apple: Availability Options

We got Starbuzz Exotic Double Apple Hookah Tobacco available in three-volume packs. There is a 100 grams’ pack, which is ideal if you want to test it for the first time. Then we have the 250 grams’ pack if you like to change your shishas frequently and keep relishing new blends often. Lastly, we got the one-kilo tub perfect for those in love with this soothing Starbuzz Double Apple shisha. If you want to stock up, then this is what you need. Apart from all these, we also bring you some great package deals where you can order different flavors of your choice and have a great time.

Starbuzz Exotic Double Apple: Smoke Outcome and Longevity

We have crafted all our tobaccos carefully, using the most delicate blonde leaves of Virginian Tobacco and loading them with an ample amount of juice. This is the reason; you get to revel in your hookah continuously throughout your extended sessions without missing out on the flavors. The robustness of the tobacco leaves boosts the delicate flavors of the anise and double apples. With this bombastic fusion, you are sure to blow some magnificent heavy smoke clouds every time.

Besides the shisha’s juice content, a couple more factors decide the longevity and smoke production. First, it is the method you use to pack your hookah bowl. If you want dense smoke clouds along with a good hit, then fill your bowl tight. Again, if you’re going to relish the flavors more and happy, blowing moderately thick clouds, we suggest you pack using the sprinkling method. It creates multiple air pockets and helps to heat the shisha evenly. You must consider heating your hookah with two to three cubes of coconut shell coals that are natural and add no bad odor to your hookah tobacco. Also, they last longer than the quick lights. The only downside is that you need to light them on a burner and keep turning them to avoid black flats. For an exceptional smoke session, it is okay to put in a little effort.

Starbuzz Exotic Double Apple: User Experience

Whether you want to cleanse your palate or start your day with a soothing session, Starbuzz Exotic Double Apple Hookah Tobacco will make a fantastic bowl. Starbuzz Exotic series of hookah tobacco is made of blonde leaves of Virginia Tobacco that contains low nicotine levels. Hence, you will get more of the flavors, but packing it tight does strengthen the robustness and makes the smoke thicker. If you are a hookah expert, you might like to smoke it that way. However, if you are a beginner, then a generous load in your hookah bowl and two cubes of red-hot coconut coals on the top will do the job amazingly. Initially, you can always add a cube more, but remove one once the shisha reaches the optimal heat. Otherwise, you will overheat the tobacco, and both the flavor and smoke will get harsh.

If you are looking for an adventurous session, try mixing your favorite flavors with it like watermelon, or melon blue from your Exotic series. You can also play with the buzz by all some of your preferred Starbuzz Bold shisha flavors. Be creative and discover your recipe.

Stay tuned for our weekly hookah updates and reviews. Until then, keep smoking Starbuzz!

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