Starbuzz Fruit Sensation: An Exotic Fruity Shisha at Your Service

Starbuzz Fruit Sensation: An Exotic Fruity Shisha at Your Service


Starbuzz is a renowned name when it comes to premium hookah tobacco for an ultimate satiating smoke session. We have crafted dozens of tasty creations (including fruity blends) that wooed the massive hookah-loving crowd across the world. Our tobacco lines comprise numerous flavors like apple, pineapple, plum, pomegranate, spearmint, blueberry, cantaloupe, candy, coffee, lemon, chocolate, coconut, mango, banana, and many more. Among all these amazing shisha fusions, Starbuzz Exotic Fruit Sensation Hookah Tobacco holds a special place. In today’s blog, we will reveal what makes this tobacco unique and unusual.

Starbuzz Exotic Fruit Sensation: How Is It Like

Smell: Where other fruit hookah tobacco focus on a couple of particular fruits, our Fruit Sensation has compiled many of the popular favorites outstandingly. The moment you open the pack, you will be welcomed with a nice aroma of a fruit punch.  No fruit outweighs the others present in the shisha.

Flavors: Every puff of this beautiful Starbuzz Exotic Fruit Sensation Shisha detonates flavors of your favorite fruits like banana, orange, apple, watermelon, cantaloupe, cherry, strawberry, peach. The fusion is well-complemented with a subtle hint of honey. With so many sweet fruits, one many think that the shisha is overly fruity but surprisingly, it is not. It is sweet, but it does not linger too long to ruin your appetite. In plain words, you can now smoke a good bowl of fruit punch anytime you like.

Smoke Quality: Satisfaction guaranteed when assessing this fine shisha based on the quality of smoke output. In this context, Starbuzz has never failed any hookah smoke who desires to blow thick, voluminous, flavored smoke clouds. Every pull guarantees you rich flavors that will satiate your taste buds even after exhaling. All the fruits present in the hookah tobacco appear to be working coherence to offer you a distinctive fruit-punch flavor and a quenching smoke experience.

Nevertheless, please note that the quality of the smoke is also dependent on how you pack your bowl and which coals you use with it. Given you have packed it lightly to promote airflow, you will get good puffy clouds with subtle, nice flavor. However, if you go for a dense packing style, the clouds will be thicker for sure. What cols you are using to heat the shisha, all impact the quality of the smoke. The best coal for a great and extended session is coconut shell charcoals. They are organic, long-lasting, and give clean smoke.

Robustness: Starbuzz Exotic line of hookah tobacco primarily concentrates on unusual yet rich and tasty flavor fusions. As compared to the other Starbuzz tobacco series, Exotic offers less buzz. We prepare the Exotic series with golden or blonde Virginia Tobacco leaves that receive a less amount of sunshine. These leaves have lower nicotine content as compared to the tobacco made of dark tobacco leaves. However, the mild robustness of golden Virginia Tobacco leaves along with the rich exotic flavors make Starbuzz Fruit Sensation even more pleasant and enjoyable. If you are looking for an extra robust punch, try packing it densely and see the difference. 

Duration: Tobacco flavors with a dry texture don’t last long enough, but that does not apply to Starbuzz Hookah Tobacco. We have a name for providing extensive smoke sessions. If you have smoked Starbuzz earlier, then you already know, the delicate flavors of all Starbuzz Hookah Tobacco do last for almost an hour. Starbuzz Fruit Sensation Tobacco features a moist texture which is due to its sumptuous juice content. Make sure you use the right method to pack your bowl and add two to three cubes of coconut shell charcoals to complete your setup. These coals are made from compressed coconut shells that last long enough so you can enjoy your bowl better. Moreover, coconut shell charcoals do not add burned taste to your tobacco. 

Price and Quantity: Starbuzz Exotic Fruit Sensation Hookah Tobacco is available in multiple quantity options like 100 grams, 250 grams, and one kilogram. While the packs of the 100-grams cost you $10.99, 250-grams cost you $20.99, you can save more with the one-kilo tub which comes for only $75.99. If you are wondering if Starbuzz Fruit Sensation is a perfect choice for your next session or not, we suggest you go for the 100-gram pack to assess its suitability. If you like it, then you can order it in bulk next time.

The best thing about Starbuzz Fruit Sensation is that you can enjoy it anytime without getting bored. You don’t have to go with our words, order Starbuzz Fruit Sensation Hookah Tobacco now, and see for yourself!

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