Starbuzz Bold White Mint: When It Gets Bold and Intense

Starbuzz Bold White Mint: When It Gets Bold and Intense


Are you bored of the mint shisha blends available market and wondering how to up your session? Worry not, because we got you something super special, super intense, and super minty. Brace yourself for Starbuzz Bold White Mint Hookah Tobacco, a popular shisha from our Bold line. The line is focused on bringing you daring flavor blends that remained unknown to your tastebuds for a very long time. Gear up to experience something audacious, something zesty with Starbuzz Bold White Mint Shisha but before that, here is a quick overview.

Starbuzz Bold White Mint Hookah Tobacco: Flavor Test

Mint-flavored shishas have a chilling effect. In this regard, Starbuzz Bold White Mint is no exception. However, it is entirely unique when it comes to intensity. So far, there is no other mint hookah tobacco that is as strong as this. Apart from being minty and refreshingly cool, it also got a sweet quotient. The flavor can be interpreted differently as a white tic-tac on crack but so strong that it can get your eyes watery. It got a strong winter fresh spearmint flavor with a slight kick of peppermint.

After you take a puff of Starbuzz Bold White Mint, it leaves a cooling sensation that lasts for a few breathes. Its intense aroma and flavors together offer you an exceptional experience. 

Starbuzz Bold White Mint Hookah Tobacco: Buzz Test

Starbuzz Bold is washed shisha prepared from dark leaf tobacco leaves. They receive more sunlight, which increases the nicotine content of the leaves. For this reason, it gives a good buzz. However, it is also dependant on your packing style. If you pack it dense, it will be robust. Packing it light will bring out the flavor profiles beautifully, and you get to enjoy it better.

Starbuzz Bold White Mint Hookah Tobacco: Smoke Test

Starbuzz Hookah Tobacco has built a reputation for its matchless smoke production, and Starbuzz Bold White Mint is no exception to it. No matter how you pack it dense or fluffy, you will be able to blow heavy minty smoke clouds. When your dense pack your bowl, the clouds are very thick. Consider using natural coconut shell coals to have a clean smoke. They are long-lasting and don’t add any bad odor to your shisha.

Starbuzz Bold White Mint Hookah Tobacco: Duration Test

Starbuzz Hookah Tobaccos are famed for their excellent juice content. Unlike many famous brands, Starbuzz shishas are juicier and thus, last for a longer duration. You can easily enjoy your White Mint bowl for an hour or more. A densely packed bowl would go longer as compared to bowls filled using the sprinkling method. Also, it is important to consider

Starbuzz Bold White Mint Hookah Tobacco: User Experience

Different hookah enthusiasts depict their White Mint shisha experiences differently. In contrast, some find it intensively minty and thick smoke clouds for extended smoke sessions. It feels tasteful and luscious even when relishing a hookah bowl of fluffily pack Starbuzz White Mint tobacco. From the start to the end of the session, the shisha’s flavors and intensity remain constant and enjoyable.

Again, some users discover a sharp sweetness in this shisha. It is so strong on mint and cool effects that its sweetness quotient may get overlooked. The real secret lies in the fresh ingredients used in making the Starbuzz Bold White Mint Hookah Shisha. It is intense, delicious, cool, and heavy, but it is sweet as well. What makes it more amazing and enjoyable is its lingering sweet aftertaste that continues even after the cool minty sensation subsides.

Lastly, many have tried mixing White Mint with other shishas, and it surprisingly blends well. However, the shisha has dominant sweetness and spearmint flavor, making it tricky to combine it with different blends. Hence, you have to be careful about picking the right fruit to mix. It should not be overly sweet or citrusy or minty, as Starbuzz Bold White Mint is already intense, sweet, and minty. You can try mixing in standalone flavor, but it is best to avoid the basic fruity shishas. You can try Starbuzz Bold White Mint with Starbuzz Lebanese Bombshell; many find it interesting.

Starbuzz Bold White Mint Hookah Tobacco: Àvailable Options

Starbuzz Bold White Mint is available in three quantities, 100 grams, 250 grams, and one kilo. Depending on your need and preference, you can choose any of the quantity options. We have great deals on 100- and 250-gram pack. You can combine diverse Starbuzz flavors or a single shisha blend in bulk. Despite everything, we know you will love it. So, get ready to pack your hookah bowl now.

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