Starbuzz Dark Caribbean Vintage Shisha Overview

Starbuzz Dark Caribbean Vintage Shisha Overview


Dark Caribbean is a Starbuzz Vintage Shisha. Those who are familiar with the distinct ranges of shisha flavors of Starbuzz are immensely fond of the Vintage collection. While Bold, Exotic, and Serpent ranges of flavors have their distinguished experiences, the Vintage collection is a class apart. True to the intent and spirit of the range, Dark Caribbean is easily one of the finest tropical shisha flavors available in the market today.


Availability of Starbuzz Vintage Dark Caribbean Shisha


Starbuzz Vintage Dark Caribbean shisha is presently available in a 200g jar. It is priced at $17.99. There is only one size available right now. The price may vary depending on prevailing offers, or discounts. Eligible orders are shipped for free.


Flavor Profile of Starbuzz Vintage Dark Caribbean Shisha


There are almost two dozen amazing flavors in the Vintage range of Starbuzz, including Dark Caribbean. This tropical shisha is a blend of citrus, pineapple, and coconut, mixed with dark leaf tobacco. Many people are aware of Pirate’s Cave, another bestselling shisha made by Starbuzz. Dark Caribbean is often mistaken as Pirate’s Cave, or its successor. That is not entirely accurate as Dark Caribbean has a rather different flavor profile.


Dark Caribbean is citrusy and sweet. It is not outright lemony or tangy. There is a bit of zesty flavor but the sweetness is pronounced. The pineapple works in a complementing manner in regards to the citrus. There is more lemon than lime. It is the coconut that provides the tropical punch, and the dark leaf tobacco does the rest. The resulting combination is a joyous treat, largely due to the perfect blend of the flavorful ingredients.


Dark Caribbean is rich, but not too intense to be overwhelming. It is refreshing, and you would be able to enjoy it for a sustained period of time. There are flavors that become a little tired and some tend to be overpowering in half an hour or so. Neither is a possibility with this shisha flavor from the Vintage range of Starbuzz.


The flavor is cool, courtesy the mint. The coconut traces also provide a pleasant touch. The sweetness of the pineapple and the citrusy tanginess with a tilt towards the former flavor make the Dark Caribbean refreshing at any given time of the day, especially during the summers.


User Experience of Starbuzz Vintage Dark Caribbean Shisha


Dark Caribbean does not have any overtly unusual smell. The fragrance is pleasant, and it feels fresh. Starbuzz Vintage Shisha uses sufficient quantities of molasses in the shisha flavors. This ensures a longer session than usual. If a certain quantity of shisha from another range or brand lasts half an hour, then you can easily puff out several more minutes with the same serving of Dark Caribbean.


The Vintage collection of Starbuzz uses one of the finest quality dark leaf tobaccos. This provides a rich and intense smoking session, but not with a headstrong buzz that lingers way beyond the permissible period of time. It should be noted that a darker leaf of tobacco means that the plant has been subjected to less sunlight than its brethren, and hence the coloration. This leads to a greater concentration of the nicotine content. Those who like a strong proportion of nicotine in their shishas would absolutely love the flavor and immediate aftereffect of Dark Caribbean.


Dark Caribbean produces generous clouds of smoke. One convenient puff and you would have a large cloud to inhale and exhale. You can also comfortably enhance or reduce the smoke output by regulating how much shisha you are packing in the bowl. If you like large clouds of dense smoke, then you can pack the hookah bowl generously. If you want slightly more considerate yet flavorful smoke, since it is dark leaf tobacco after all, then you may go for a loosely packed bowl.


Dark leaf tobacco, and in this instance the flavors of pineapple, coconut, and citrus, can easily complement tropical fruits. This flavor is not too sweet, so you can always go for a blend of Dark Caribbean with a tropical fruit, such as mango. You can also go for peaches, strawberries, or even bananas. Connoisseurs would of course settle for Dark Caribbean, and bask in the glory of the richness and texture, the high nicotine content, and the tropical combo including coconut. This flavor requires moderate heating, neither too many charcoals nor one. Excessive heating or insufficient heat would lead to poor quality smoke. Two coconut charcoals are a good start for a session for an individual user.

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