Starbuzz Charcoal Warmer

Starbuzz Charcoal Warmer: Keep Your Hookah Blazing Hot


No one on this earth can enjoy a cold hookah as it can never give out thick clouds of smoke. A hookah tastes excellent, all the flavors of the tobacco-packed bowl come out well and mesmerize you only when your hookah gets proper heat. A good hookah set up is indeed crucial for a great smoke experience, but it is good enough when you don’t have a good source of energy. For this, you need good coals like those charcoals made from the shells of coconut. They are natural, give out minimal ash, don’t add the awful smell of coal to your bowl, and keep your sessions going on for long. However, unlike the quick lights, they take time to get heated. Starbuzz Tobacco is not limited to tobacco blends but also offers other hookah accessories to give you a memorable session. Hence, we designed Starbuzz Electric Charcoal Warmer.

Starbuzz Electric Charcoal Warmer

Ditch the conventional electric burner for the very stylish, convenient, and safe Starbuzz Electric Charcoal Warmer that is crafted to get your hookah coals red hot and ready for a session. It is a 7-inch tall, 500-watt warmer with a well-ventilated sturdy aluminum wall and a protective metal grill covering the coil. They carefully shield the blazing coals as they get ready for your use. To facilitate mobility along with safety, we included handles on its exterior so you can move it without burning yourself. It has a solid metal base with a width of only 6.5-inches that houses the power cable, and power switches. Overall, we wanted it to have a unique utility design that is modern and attractive.

Starbuzz Electric Charcoal Warmer is available in four different colors – red, blue, white, and black. We are also offering you a one-year warranty on this beautiful piece of charcoal warmer that you can easily pack in your luggage and carry anywhere you like. Now you can order it here for a discounted price of only $32.99.

Hurry up, order Starbuzz Charcoal Warmer TODAY!

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