10 Starbuzz Bold Shisha Tobacco Flavors

10 Starbuzz Bold Shisha Tobacco Flavors You Must Try!


Our Starbuzz Bold Shisha Tobacco is an initiative to add some boldness to your classic hookah tobacco. It is an unusual blend featuring some exotic spices along with an extra kick of robust tobacco. We have a full series of different flavors and combinations featuring tastes from different corners of the world. Below, we have picked 10 Starbuzz Bold Flavors that are most appreciated by avid hookah-enthusiasts. Take a look:


  1. Starbuzz Bold White Mint. Whether you try it as a mixer or smoke it directly; you will love Starbuzz Bold White Mint’s fresh, sugary mint tang both the ways. 
  2. Starbuzz Bold White Chai. It is a bolder version of Starbuzz White Peach – sweet peachy flavor with some additional whiffs of spicy tea. 
  3. Starbuzz Bold Mighty Freeze. Enjoy the tartness of many lemons with the chillness of spearmint for deliciously freezing smoke.
  4. Starbuzz Bold Pineapple Freeze. Pineapples get a little better in Starbuzz Bold Pineapple Freeze when you can relish the sweetness of pineapples with a hint of refreshing mint.
  5. Starbuzz Bold Green Savior. Ditch the classic Shisha flavors with an extraordinary medley of tantalizing spices and lush floral touch.
  6. Starbuzz Bold Geisha. It is a smooth and sweet blend featuring sugary berries, pineapples along with a tad bit of icy mint. 
  7. Starbuzz Bold White Bear. It is another pineapple blend, but this time it is going to take you back to you enjoying gummy bears in your childhood days.
  8. Starbuzz Bold Queen of Sex. It is a pleasant mix of zesty citrus fruits with a note of mint. The combination is always a delight.
  9. Starbuzz Bold Jack the Ripper. Another unimaginable blend of zesty spices and sweet, refreshing grapes. It’s proven to be exceptionally alluring.
  10. Starbuzz Bold Tropicool. Make the summers relaxed and enjoyable with some Starbuzz Bold Tropical – an amalgam of delicious pineapple with a certain coolness on exhale. However, we kept the minty flavor out of this Shisha.

They are available in multiple volume options so check them out. Be ready to enjoy a bold and exotic smoking experience with Starbuzz Bold Shisha Tobacco.

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