Relish the Beachy Vibes with a Bowl of Starbuzz Pina Colada

Relish the Beachy Vibes with a Bowl of Starbuzz Pina Colada


Welcome to another Starbuzz weekly blog where we are going to unveil the hidden characteristics and flavors of a Starbuzz Shisha flavor. Today, we have picked a fantastic flavor from our Exotic series of Starbuzz Tobacco, which is immensely inspired by the trendy tropical drink. We are talking about Pina Colada. Starbuzz Exotic line is all about exciting flavor fusions that you could never think of smoking before. Without any further delay, let us quickly give you an overview of Starbuzz Exotic Pina Colada.


It got a sweet taste, but as you take it in, you will slowly discover the nice punch of pineapple, coconut, and creamy hint of vanilla. The flavor of pineapple is soothing and well-balanced and doesn’t overpower the other flavors. This makes the shisha perfectly soothing and comforting.


Starbuzz Pina Colada has a medium choppy texture with high juice content. It is perfect for long hookah sessions. However, along tobacco doesn’t decide the duration of the session. When you complete the set up with a perfect hookah bowl (ideally vortex or phunnel) and coconut shell coals, you get to enjoy the flavors of your shisha better and longer.


The entire Exotic line is prepared using blonde or golden Virginian tobacco leaves. These leaves have low nicotine content giving you a little but enjoyable buzz. If you are looking for some exotic flavor blends but okay with little robustness, then this is your tobacco.

Smoke Output

Starbuzz is a popular name when it comes to tobaccos with gigantic smoke clouds. Try any Starbuzz shisha, you will surely blow some delicious smoke clouds, and Starbuzz Exotic Pina Colada Hookah Tobacco is one such shisha. Kindly ensure you pack your bowl right. If you want to relish the flavors, then pack it light. You can go for the sprinkling method. But if you wish dense smoke clouds, then pack the hookah bowl densely.

We have this shisha available in multiple quantities. If you want to set off for a beach holiday, then Starbuzz Exotic Pina Colada is your ticket to Miami or any other beach of your choice!

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