WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Introducing the All New COCOBUZZ 3.0 Hookah Charcoal

Introducing the All New COCOBUZZ 3.0 Hookah Charcoal

  • 8 August, 2018

At Starbuzz, we work hard to provide you with an exceptional Hookah smoking experience with high-quality hookahs and hookah accessories. Since its inception, the idea and methodology of smoking a hookah have changed a lot keeping the unique requirements of present-day hookah lovers in mind. Adding a good amount of heat to your shisha bowl is essential to release its unique flavor characters. Hookah smokers find it difficult to find the most suitable hookah coals that can add adequate heat. Starbuzz is eager to introduce you to our recent creation, Starbuzz CocoBuzz 3.0 Hookah Charcoals.

Starbuzz CocoBuzz 3.0 Hookah Charcoals

Earlier, we launched CocoBuzz and CocoBuzz 2.0 Hookah Charcoals.  They have conquered the shisha world with their optimal heat production and extensive burn time. Whereas CocoBuzz is regular coconut shell charcoal, CocoBuzz 2.0 is double the size of the coconut shell charcoal. Today, the size of the charcoal matters a lot. Prepared naturally with coconut shells and zero chemical additives. With CocoBuzz 3.0 Hookah Charcoals, we attempted to make the biggest charcoals for your narghile that guarantees you more heat and extended smoke sessions. It is compatible with both foil cover as well as HMDs.

Because Size Matters

Starbuzz understands how important the coal size is for you. The bigger the coal is, the hotter it will be and the longer the burning time will be. If you are using a big bowl with an aluminum foil cover, two to three cubes will be more than sufficient. When you are using a Heat Management Device, two cubes will provide the maximum heat you require for the best smoke time. While the previous can offer you 1.5 hours to 2 hours of burn time, you can enjoy the longer and smoother smoke time.

Availability and Pricing

Starbuzz CocoBuzz 3.0 Charcoals presently come in a single quantity option of 64 pieces. A single box can easily last you 21 to 32 sessions depending on your usage. You can purchase the Starbuzz CocoBuzz 3.0 Super Saver package for an exclusive price of only $39.99.

Apart from enticing shisha flavors, Starbuzz brings you numerous hookah gears and accessories like Heat Management Devices, Hookah Charcoals of different shapes and sizes available in the market. At Starbuzz, we are also accepting wholesale orders where you can enjoy your favorite Starbuzz products like hookah, hookah tobacco, and other accessories at exclusive wholesale prices that you can never find anywhere else. Enjoy the best smoking experience with the biggest hookah charcoals, Starbuzz CocoBuzz 3.0 Hookah Charcoals.

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