Starbuzz Silicone Paradigm Hookah Bowl Overview

Starbuzz Silicone Paradigm Hookah Bowl Overview


At Starbuzz, we have never restricted ourselves to crafting multiple collections of premium hookah tobacco blends only. We work hard to bring you classic hookah items that improve your smoke quality and transform your overall experience into a memorable event. Starbuzz has a dedicated team of hookah experts to design new and innovative hookah gears keeping up with the trends and hookah lovers' dynamic preferences. Traditionally, hookahs were made of leather, metals, and other materials. In recent days, we have come across inventive materials for making revolutionary Hookah accessories. Usage of silicone hookah bowls has become extremely popular in recent days. At Starbuzz, we decided to incorporate and improvise the concept of silicone bowls, and Starbuzz Paradigm Silicone Bowl is the first of our grandeur silicone bowl series.

Today, we are giving you a little tour of an excellent hookah bowl, so you comprehend its features before ordering one.

Starbuzz Silicone Paradigm Hookah Bowl: Packaging

It comes in a nice box made of hard cardboard with a picture of the bowl on it. Not only it is very attractive to look at, but also very durable. At the back of the box, you can also find a small description so you can have a basic idea of what is inside. 

Starbuzz Silicone Paradigm Hookah Bowl: Basic Features

The Starbuzz Paradigm Silicone hookah bowl means four-inch in height and three inches in diameter. Even if you drop it from a multi-storied building, it will not bounce back to you and will never alter your hookah smoking experience. The amazing bowl can easily hold 18 to 25 grams of hookah tobacco, depending on how you pack your bowl. What makes this silicone hookah bowl more delightful is that it can endure high heat and heavy impact. You will hardly require a piece of the grommet to make it a snug fit. Moreover, being made of high-quality silicone material, it will always be cool to touch any time during the smoke session. It is perfectly compatible with most of the Heat Management Devices available in the market, like the Kaloud Lotus, NAR Head, and others.

Starbuzz Silicone Paradigm Hookah Bowl: Bowl Design

The Starbuzz Silicone Paradigm bowl features a unique design that facilitates even heat distribution and perfectly balanced airflow. It contains the unique aesthetics of several popular bowls on the market. Undoubtedly, it can outshine any collection of hookah bowls. It got the advantages of regular phunnel bowls like the raised core in the center, deep arches on the inside. It prevents the extra tobacco juice from seeping into your hookah stem or base. Moreover, there are separate quadrants that allow you to separate different flavors in the same session with utmost ease.

The Starbuzz Paradigm bowl comes with a special central air-channel design that mimics the Egyptian Bowl style. the elevated center section will improve the airflow in comparison to the regular Egyptian or Super Chief-styled hookah bowls, keep the shisha juice inside the bowl. Look at it from the top, you can see there are four thick blade-like crosshair designs connected to the raised middle portion which warm up and cook the shisha evenly.

Starbuzz Silicone Paradigm Hookah Bowl: User Experience

Hookah Smokers find it excellent for being a Silicone bowl. The center portion is a unique design but strongly boosts the airflow to the maximum. Many find it performs like a heat management device. If you find it sufficient to use three coconut shell-made, flat coals with ceramic bowls, then silicone bowls will require a little more heat. If you have packed heat-sensitive tobacco, then three flats will be sufficient for you. It performs excellent when smoked with Kaloud Lotus. It can comfortably sit on the diameter of the bowl. However, it has curves at the outside which fits well with the aluminum foil. However, kindly avoid cleaning it with metal scrubbers as it deteriorates the quality of the silicone bowl.


Starbuzz Paradigm Hookah Bowl will ensure you have the best smoke session ever experienced no matter what shisha you pack, or which heat management system you opt for. It is one of the best heavy-duty premium silicone-made hookah bowls available on the market. We also have excellent Starbuzz Hookahs, Tobaccos, as well as Hookah Accessories available. Currently, we also accept bulk orders. On orders worth $150 or more, we get your order delivered to you across the country for free. Hurry up, browse our Starbuzz product line to get started. 

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