Starbuzz Cosmo Power Overview

Starbuzz Cosmo Power Overview


Since our inception in 2005, we have worked hard to be extra creative and offer you something impressive and delicious. Today, we will provide you with a heavenly experience with Starbuzz Cosmo Power Hookah Tobacco. Join us on this interstellar journey and explore a concoction of blissful flavors. The blend belongs to our Starbuzz bold collection of hookah shisha, featuring daring, complex yet unique flavor fusions. Hurry up, make some room for the ultimate Cosmo Power, but before that, let’s dig a little deeper into this tobacco.

Starbuzz Cosmo Power Hookah Tobacco: Aroma and Flavors

The first thing that will captivate you is the aroma of cool, Winter Fresh with notes of sweet, fruits and flowers like the rose. The undertone is one part that might confuse your mind, but surely does tantalize your taste buds.
You will get a lot of Winter Fresh, especially on the inhale and exhale. The sweetness is nothing like a punch in the face or overpowering by any means. The overall flavor blend is very complicated to put into words, but very appealing at the same time. Moreover, as you continue to smoke longer, you can notice its flavors morphing. What makes it stand out from the others is the mixture of all flavors together creates a new unique flavor.

Starbuzz Cosmo Power Hookah Tobacco: Longevity

Like any other Starbuzz shisha, this one is also prepared using a dark leaf of Virginia Tobacco. It is loaded with a copious amount of juice, giving it a nice, and moist texture. One bowl of Starbuzz Cosmo Power can easily last for 45 to 60 minutes without losing its flavors. Ideally, it is best to sprinkle the tobacco into your hookah bowl, facilitating air pockets for proper airflow and using a couple of coconut charcoal for a smooth and long-lasting smoke session.

Starbuzz Cosmo Power Hookah Tobacco: Buzz

As already known, dark leaf tobacco has a higher content of nicotine, which makes it more robust than any other Starbuzz shisha collection. Though it is robust you can still increase or decrease its buzz according to your liking. For instance, if you fluff pack your bowl, it will smoke moderately robust, as well as smooth. If you want to make it stronger and power-packed, then try to pack it dense. Kindly note, packing your bowl too densely can cause the tobacco juice to drip into the holes at the bottom of the bowl and clog them. Ultimately, your entire smoke session will ruin completely.

Starbuzz Cosmo Power Hookah Tobacco: Smoke Outcome

Whether it is Starbuzz Cosmo Power or any other blend, when it comes to smoke outcome, we guarantee you gigantic thick smoke clouds. Regardless, how you pack your hookah bowl, you will never be disappointed with the smoke. Make sure you are adding optimum heat to your shisha. Even if you pack your bowl light, you will still be able to blow some thick smoke clouds without compromising on the smoothness of flavors. If you want to make it thicker, then you can densely pack it and add more heat. However, you should be careful doing it, as the flavors can get harsher when exposed to too much heat.

Starbuzz Cosmo Power Hookah Tobacco: User Experience

This is nothing like the usual mint blends with some fruit flavors. The minty coolness in it highly resembles that of the Winter Fresh. Some guesses it is a fusion of spearmint, white peach with certain floral notes, but it is hard to be sure. The mixture of all the flavors together creates something completely new. The enigmatic Starbuzz Cosmo Power shisha is highly recommended for all hookah smokers who love complex blends. This impressive tobacco blend has successfully garnered 90 out of 100 from the hookah smoking community worldwide.

Starbuzz Cosmo Power Hookah Tobacco: Availability and Pricing Options

Starbuzz Cosmo Power Hookah Tobacco is available in packs of 100 grams, 250 grams, and 1-kilo tub. For the first time, you can order a 100-gram pack to test the shisha and; accordingly, order in bulk if you like it.

At Starbuzz, we are running a special mix and match bundle offer where you can pick five or seven of your favorite shisha blends for an exclusive discounted price. You can choose multiple flavors from a single line or opt for the same flavor in multiple quantities. Starbuzz has also started accepting bulk orders. Log into our wholesale portal to check our exclusive wholesale Starbuzz offers.

Hurry up, it’s time to pack some cosmic power into your hookah bowl!

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