6 Sizzling Starbuzz Vintage Shisha Flavors

Presenting You 6 Sizzling Starbuzz Vintage Shisha Flavors


We at Starbuzz, know that many of extreme hookah smokers love a good buzz. It is our mission to offer you a thrill that you were searching so long in our Bold and Classic series of Hookah tobacco. Our Starbuzz Vintage collection is a blend of dark tobacco leaves that contains no artificial colorants. Vintage Shisha comes in some brash spicy and elegant fruity profiles featuring robust yet balanced punch of tobacco and delicacy of the flavors. We make sure our Vintage Shisha is loaded with the right amount of juice that gives you savory smoke clouds throughout your extended hookah sessions. We got 20 different flavors in our Vintage Series. Below, we have included highlights of some popular Vintage Shisha:

  • Dark Vanilla. It is an overwhelming meld of creamy vanilla with enduring effects. Whether you pack your bowl with Dark Vanilla Vintage or pair it with any other Vintage flavor, it will make a fantastic bowl to smoke.
  • Spice Me Red. Starbuzz Spice Me Red Vintage Shisha features a unique taste like cinnamon-flavored gum with a subtly sweet note of berries like raspberry, strawberry and more. 
  • Tiramisu. It is time for a post-dinner smoke – try Tiramisu Starbuzz Vintage Shisha that got a subtly sweet chocolaty coffee flavor. It is a must-try for any coffee and dessert aficionado.
  • Dark Mist. Starbuzz Dark Mist Vintage Shisha flavor is a powerful blackberry blend of dark tobacco leaves. It is rich, robust, and flavorsome. 
  • Colombian Spice. It is a power-packed combination of Colombian coffee that gives off notes of cinnamon all through the session. It’s buzzy and robust, but more than that, it’s deliciously relaxing. 
  • Fresh Lime. Unlike other Vintage flavors, Fresh Lime Starbuzz Vintage Shisha doesn’t feature a strong tobacco note. Instead, it gives out a deliciously tangy lime taste with a refreshing cool during the exhale. 

All our Starbuzz Vintage Shisha Flavors are only available in 200 grams packs. They come in a resealable container so you can easily save some for future sessions. Depending on how light or densely you pack the bowl, you can enjoy a broad spectrum of flavors. Get your favorite Vintage flavor today and for a mesmerizing smoking experience!

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