Starbuzz Bold Code Blue Shisha: Unlike Anything You've Tasted Before

Starbuzz Bold Code Blue Shisha: Unlike Anything You've Tasted Before


Starbuzz Code Blue is an exciting, new addition made to Starbuzz’s Bold line of tobaccos. If you are a Starbuzz Blue Mist lover, then this flavor will undoubtedly appeal to your demanding taste buds. Code Blue is a unique shisha flavor that you won’t have tasted earlier. In this post, you will get all the essential information about this excellent shisha flavor. Let’s start.

Starbuzz Code Blue: Flavors

In Blue Mist, you get a subtle misty note of mint. Whereas in Starbuzz Code Blue, there is a strong refreshing mint taste that makes the shisha very interesting and inviting. Besides that, the blueberry flavor is replaced by an excellent grape soda flavor with a strong, creamy note underneath. What will strike you most in this shisha is the exceptional mint flavor in it.

Starbuzz Code Blue: Longevity

The shisha has a very juicy texture that keeps the flavors intact for long hookah sessions. If you pack it in a phunnel bowl, then you can enjoy the fantastic bold flavors for longer without burning or wasting too much tobacco. Go for coconut shell coals; they not only offer you clean smoke but also extend the session duration.

Starbuzz Code Blue: Buzz

Bold series is much more than its daring flavor blends; it got a good nicotine content that gives a robust punch to your hookah session.

Starbuzz Code Blue: Clouds

Starbuzz Code Blue gives you some thick clouds. Starbuzz is famous for its exceptional smoke output, and Starbuzz Code Blue is no exception to it. If you take the right hookah bowl and pack it properly, then you can have dense smoke clouds without any question.

If you haven’t experienced it yet, this is time to order Starbuzz Bold Code Blue Hookah Tobacco right away!

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