Packing and Smoking Starbuzz the Right Way

Packing and Smoking Starbuzz the Right Way


Starbuzz tobacco knows that many of our hookah lovers are having trouble to pack their hookah with their favorite Shisha flavors. This post is our attempt to help you pack Starbuzz the right way so you can get the best out of it. A good hookah set up is very important for a beautiful smoke session. However, among all the elements, the bowl and coal alone can transform it altogether. It is essential the pack the bowl properly along with the right amount of heat to bring out your tobacco’s personality.

Packing Bowls with Starbuzz

There are four significant kinds of hookah bowls; Vortex, Phunnel, Egyptian, and Alien Phunnel bowls. The basic idea is never to overpack your bowl but to pack the bowl light and fluffy, so there is airflow. Always go for a minimal amount of tobacco, break it down and place it. Gently tap it to level out, so it remains around half an inch beneath the foil. For the vortex bowl, use a toothpick to move the tobacco away from the spire holes.

Use two sheets of regular aluminum foil cover the bowl. Poke some small holes at even distances around the edge and slowly move inwards. It is better to poke only a couple of suitable holes in the middle. Since, the bowl contains very little amount of tobacco, too many vents may result in burning the tobacco. However, it is different from the Egyptian bowl – poke in deep holes reaching to the bottom. Also, try poking from the holes beneath to free them.

Smoking Your Shisha

Whether you like it smooth or strong, it would be better to start with low it. You can always manage the heat and make it robust. Coconut coals like Coco Buzz are ideal for long sessions. Have two to three of them fully ignited and placed around the edge. You can always remove or add one to manage the heat. Move the coals on the side, once they burn halfway.

Overall, the basic idea of packing your Starbuzz bowl remains the same – pack it less and fluffy. Go for coconut coals to enjoy your hookah fullest. You can always go for a better setter setup, but the packing and smoking method would remain the same.

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