Packing a Vortex Hookah Bowl with Starbuzz

Packing a Vortex Hookah Bowl with Starbuzz


Starbuzz Tobacco’s main goal is to offer an excellent smoke session to all our avid hookah smokers. Recently, we heard that many of the hookah lovers are having trouble to pack and smoke their vortex hookah bowls. Starbuzz Tobacco is best known for the smoke output and when you don’t get those giant smoke clouds, it feels bad. For this reason, we are going to share some vortex bowl packing tips and tricks in today’s blog.

Vortex Bowl

A vortex hookah bowl is very different from other hookah bowls. It comes with a spire in the middle. There are multiple holes at the bottom of this spire. 

Things You Need 

To pack and smoke your hookah (with vortex bowl) you will need a few things more like;

  • Coals (preferably coconut coals)
  • Starbuzz Shisha of your choice
  • Skewer
  • Fork or Gloves 
  •  Two pieces of Aluminum foil 
  • Heater 

Let’s Start Packing

Now that you got everything handy, let us start packing the vortex hookah bowl.

  1. Put three cubes of coconut shell coals on the heater so it gets hot and ready by the time you finish packing your bowl.
  2. Stir up your Starbuzz shisha a bit using a skewer or your hand. If you don’t want to make your hand messy, try a pair of gloves or use a skewer. Stirring up the tobacco gets the juice flowing.
  3. Go for fluff packing method using very little tobacco to pack your bowl. there are holes around the bottom part of the spire. Too much tobacco will block the holes, and you will not be able to smoke properly. You can use a fork to pack it or use your hand.
  4. Now, push the tobacco away from the middle spire using the skewer. You don’t want it to block the air holes. Also, make sure that the tobacco level is below the rim of the bowl.
  5. The next step is to cover your bowl. Take two sheets of aluminum foil to cover it. Using the skewer or pin makes small holes in a circular position on the foil. Don’t make too many or big holes. Otherwise, the coal will get into your tobacco.
  6. Your bowl is packed and ready. Your coals must be ready by now. Place them towards the edge. It will take a few minutes to heat the shisha, then you can blow some humongous smoke clouds.

Always try to have coconut coals with your Starbuzz hookah, it is clean and lasts long. For more fun, mix different Starbuzz flavors to create your Shisha recipe! You are all set to enjoy your Starbuzz bowl!

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