Starbuzz Unicus 3.0 (Wholesale)

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Are you looking for a hookah the will raise standards of your smoking sessions? Are you a beginner trying to figure out what all the fuss about shisha hookahs is all about? Well, if you are, the Starbuzz Unicus 3.0 will give you the best beginner’s experience ever.

Top Quality Hookah, Even Better Performance

A hookah more elegant than the Unicus 2.0 was just unfathomable…until now. With a customized ceramic head, a sharp new-look stem design, a 150cm silicone hose with an anodized aluminum mouthpiece and a duotone glass vase in 5 electrifying color combos all fitted in an impressive 17-inch frame, no one word can quite describe the elegance of this hookah. Starbuzz really outdid themselves here.

Other hookahs in the market could really learn a thing or two from the superior performance of this Unicus 3.0 hookah. Despite its size inferiority, this hookah doesn’t mess around! It delivers a dense, cool, filtered and sweetly flavored smoke with every single puff.

Here is why this hookah is perfect for every avid shisha lover

  • Elegant and classy appearance
  • Active smoke filtration
  • Sturdy design
  • Awesome gift idea
  • Satisfaction guaranteed