Starbuzz Carbine Hose ULTRA (Wholesale)

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It’s time to intensify the whole hookah session with the gorgeous Starbuzz Carbine Hose ULTRA. Upgrade your hookah setup with the premium-grade Starbuzz Carbine Hose. Starbuzz Carbine Hose Ultra is dedicated to those who look for something extraordinary for a smooth and comfortable smoke session. The Starbuzz Carbine Ultra Hose is designed to be extra-long so you can enjoy your smoke session wherever you want without moving your hookah much. The high-grade aluminum hose handle is extra-long, sturdy with slight weight and an anodized finish making it easy and comfortable to hold and smoke.

Starbuzz Carbine Hose ULTRA is available in nine vibrant colors to suit your unique personality. To begin, we got Army Print, followed by Cobalt Shadow, Gold, Gunmetal, Hell Fire, Mad Dragon, Sig Grey, Spartan Blue, and White Out.