WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Carbine Tong
A tong that looks like it has been passed on from generation to generation. the carbine Tong is fancy
Spring hookah foil poker
A comfortable and flexible Hookah foil poker.
Starbuzz Electric Warmer
Set your hookah charcoal ablaze without the use of gas or flame with the new Starbuzz® Electric Warmer. The 500-watt warmer and metal grill are housed within minimalistic, procective and ventilated aluminum walls. The result...
Starbuzz Premium Aluminum Foil
Skip the kitchen foil-trimming with these convenient, circular aluminum foil sheets made specially for your hookah bowls. These ready-to-use sheets are the perfect thickness, and measure 5½ inches in diameter. Each pack contains 50 pre-cut...
Thick White Base Grommet
Thick Base grommet
The perfect combination of a tong and foil poker in one package!

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