Starbuzz White Bear Hookah Tobacco Overview

Starbuzz White Bear Hookah Tobacco Overview


Since our inception in 2005, Starbuzz is committed to bringing you an array of spontaneous hookah tobacco flavors that will tantalize your taste buds. Starbuzz White Bear Hookah tobacco is a popular Shisha blend from our black tin edition of Bold line of tobacco prepared using high-quality Virginia tobacco leaves. We have crafted our Starbuzz Bold shisha line with utmost creativity so you can feel something exceptional, something audacious, yet very scrumptious that you may have never experienced before. Starbuzz White Bear Hookah Tobacco is one such shisha blend that will take you down memory lane where you will find it hard to put an end to your ongoing smoke session. Ever since it rolled out, it has earned itself a special place in the hearts of those hookah smokers who are always interested in exotic experiences. Without any more delay, let us quickly disclose more interesting insights about Starbuzz White Bear.

Starbuzz White Bear Hookah Tobacco: Flavors


Starbuzz White Bear Shisha is a magnificent, sweet pineapple flavor blend that strongly resembles the flavors of gummy candies that everyone grew up munching in their childhood days. Don't be surprised if you find yourself in a tropical destination, surrounded by a heap of sweet and juicy pineapples. The shisha blend appears sweet and savory at the front end, however as you exhale, you might pick up some citrusy notes breaking the ennui of sweetness and add in an interesting twist. Not to forget, the aroma completely justifies the flavors.

Starbuzz White Bear Hookah Tobacco: Longevity and Buzz

Like any other Starbuzz Shisha, White Bear Hookah Tobacco is also packed with a good amount of juice that allows it to last for longer without losing its flavors. Being manufactured with the dark Virginia tobacco leaves, which have higher nicotine content, Starbuzz White Bear Hookah tobacco is meant to offer you a good amount of robustness. However, one must note that the longevity and buzz of your smoke session greatly depend on the packing style and Hookah charcoal used for setting up the hookah. Different packing methods suit different hookah bowls. If you are using an Egyptian Hookah Bowl, the sprinkling method will be ideal for packing it. With this packing style, you can enjoy the flavor profiles of shisha better. Generally, it will last you for a good 40 to 50 minutes. 

Nevertheless, if you want to boost the duration and buzz factor, try to pack it dense but make sure you don’t clog the pores at the bottom of the bowl, or it will ruin your entire session.

Starbuzz White Bear Hookah Tobacco: Smoke Outcome

Starbuzz White Bear will never disappoint you on this. You will blow some fluffy white smoke clouds as soon as your tobacco heats up properly. You can make the clouds thicker by packing your bowl dense.

Starbuzz White Bear Hookah Tobacco: User Experience

The Shisha took no time to become one of our bestselling Bold Shisha flavors. Whether you love Gummy Bear or not, whether you like pineapple or not, Starbuzz White Bear Hookah tobacco will surely impress your taste buds in no time. Even those who are not fond of Gummy Candies gave it seven out of ten stars. It might not be the usual gummy bears you had in your childhood days, but it is surely good enough to make you revisit your fun school days. Do try out packing a bowl of Starbuzz White Bear to check it out yourself.

Starbuzz White Bear Hookah Tobacco: Availability Options

Starbuzz White Bear Hookah tobacco comes in three quantity options: 100 grams, 250 grams, and 1-kilo tab. If you are trying it out for the first time, a 100-gram pack will be perfect for you. However, if you want to save more, then we will suggest you order in bulk. Presently, we are running a Mix and Match bundle offer where you can select five or seven of your favorite Shisha flavors (same or different flavors) and enjoy reduced pricing.

Also, we like to let you know of our Starbuzz Wholesale program, where we bring you the best wholesale deals for your bulk Starbuzz requirements. Log into your Wholesale Starbuzz account, add your preferred items to the cart in bulk to check out the exclusive deals. Lastly, every time you purchase for $150, we will ship your order to your doorstep anywhere in the US for free.

So, hurry up, check out Starbuzz Bold White Bear and our other fun shisha blends.

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