Starbuzz Vintage Delhi Tea

Starbuzz Vintage Delhi Tea


We at Starbuzz intend to bring you some delicate exotic flavors from the furthest corner of the world in our Starbuzz Vintage Tobacco Series. Delhi Tea is one such blend from our Vintage Tobacco line, which received the heartiest welcome from most of the extreme hookah enthusiasts' community.

Starbuzz Vintage series is made from the dark tobacco leaves without any synthetic colorant or flavors. Delhi Tea as well as other blends from the series feature boldness of spices, elegances of delicious fruits, along with the robustness of tobacco. Our Vintage line of tobacco is characterized by its juiciness that allows you to blow delicious, flavorful smoke clouds throughout your long sessions.

Delhi Tea is a well-balanced blend that reminds you of spiced tea but with some strong tobacco punches. However, one cannot overlook the magic notes of exotic spices in it. There is a subtle little hint of cinnamon and star anise that makes the flavor so interesting. Depending on how one packs the hookah bowl, one can enjoy the traces of cardamon while exhaling. Denser you pack your bowl, more intense the flavors will get, and so will be the buzz of tobacco. Delhi Tea Shisha alone can offer you a broad spectrum of flavorings that can entice any extreme Hookah lover. It is a little too intense for new Hookah smokers. If you are someone who likes a steamy cup of spicy chai style tea, then Starbuzz Vintage Delhi Tea is just for you.

Starbuzz Vintage Series come in resealable containers that contain 200 grams of your tobacco. Once you have loaded your hookah bowl, you can save the rest of the Shisha for future use. If you want to try something unique and that isn’t fruity or floral, then you must give our Starbuzz Vintage Delhi Tea a try.

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