Starbuzz Sweet Cigar Hookah Tobacco: A Bowl That Is Chocolaty Robust

Starbuzz Sweet Cigar Hookah Tobacco: A Bowl That Is Chocolaty Robust


After spending two years searching and crafting the best shisha blends for our Starbuzz Vintage Line, we are here to offer you a captivating experience that you will cherish for a very long time. Starbuzz Sweet Cigar is one of the finest shisha blends from our Vintage series that has become immensely popular among hookah lovers over the last few years. The shisha line primarily focuses on delivering the original classic shisha flavor fusions with a fantastic touch of robustness and incomparable modern twist, making it even more enjoyable. Without getting into any more talks, let us check out this tobacco blend together.

Starbuzz Sweet Cigar Hookah Tobacco: Introduction

The Starbuzz tobacco delivers what it promises; nothing more, nothing less. It got a unique combination of flavors that will instantly entice anyone who loves smoking cigars. Smoking a cigar has a unique charm, but with Starbuzz Vintage Sweet Cigar, you can enjoy cigars’ remarkable robustness in a new style. It features a pleasant chocolaty touch adding mesmerizing sweetness to the robustness. Not everyone may like it, but if you have a soft corner for cigars, you will surely enjoy this Starbuzz Vintage shisha blend. 

Starbuzz Sweet Cigar Hookah Tobacco: Flavor and Aroma

The moment you unpack the container, you would get a powerful chocolate smell with a slight hint of cigar. The aroma rightly justifies the flavors as well. The chocolate flavors are dominant in the shisha; however, that doesn’t make the cigar part imperceptible. The sweetness of chocolate compliments and makes the robustness of the cigar more tantalizing. You may find the chocolate flavors in it is dark chocolate or milky one but either way, it only compliments the shisha. 

Starbuzz Sweet Cigar Hookah Tobacco: Buzz and Longevity

If you have already tried out our Starbuzz Vintage tobacco series, you must be aware of their making. They are prepared from the matured dark leaves of Virginia Tobacco. These leaves receive more sunlight which contributes to their dark leaf color and higher nicotine content. For these reasons, you naturally get to enjoy a fair amount of buzz smoking Starbuzz Vintage Sweet Cigar shisha. Moreover, all our shishas are loaded with a fair amount of juice which allows them to last much longer than any other popular hookah tobacco brand available in the market. 

Your shisha bowl’s buzz and longevity also rely on another few factors like your hookah bowl packing method and the coals you used to heat your narghile. For instance, if you use a fluffy or sprinkling packing method, it will be mild on the buzz factor, but you can better relish its rich flavors. If you are looking for a powerful session, then go for a dense packing method. It will last longer with some extra robustness. Use natural coals to light your shisha as they are long-lasting and offer clean smoke.

Starbuzz Vintage Sweet Cigar Hookah Tobacco: Smoke Outcome

The smoke outcome is one thing where Starbuzz Tobaccos lead the race. We take pride in that. However, you can easily manage the smoke outcome of your session according to your preferences. Firstly, you can densely pack if you want to blow some massive smoke clouds. Otherwise, we would recommend a sprinkling method for relishing its rich flavors and buzz in a balanced way. Another factor is what coals you are using. It is highly recommended to use only natural coconut-shell charcoals to heat your shisha; they last longer and add no bad odor to your shisha. You can add three cubes initially to make it more power packed.

Starbuzz Vintage Sweet Cigar Hookah Tobacco: User Experience

Whether you want to mix different tobaccos or smoke a single flavor, Starbuzz Vintage Sweet Cigar is an excellent option for both. Many find it extremely comforting. The cigar element in the shisha is nothing similar to the regular cigarettes you have. It is best described as a cigar with a nice dark chocolatey twist. However, what makes it pleasant and deserving for long hookah sessions is not overly sweet. Pack a bowl yourself and see how you like it.

Starbuzz Vintage Sweet Cigar Hookah Tobacco: Availability

Presently, we have the Starbuzz Vintage Shisha line available only in 200 grams’ containers for $22.99. However, we got you some fantastic bulk deals; you can mix and match five or seven flavors to enjoy some good markdowns. You can opt for different hookah tobaccos or bulk Starbuzz Vintage Sweet Cigar Hookah Tobacco. 

If you haven’t tried this amazing vintage flavor, go ahead and place your order now.

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