Starbuzz NAR Head for Heat Management

Starbuzz NAR Head - The New Heat Management System


Starbuzz Tobacco is here to offer you a brilliant new way to heat your hookah. Presenting NAR Head, an innovative Heat Management Device that is apt even for an instant smoke session. It can fit on especially any hookah bowl.
Gone are those days, when those coal ashes got on the tobacco or the bowl. NAR is a heavy-duty Heat Management System for your hookah especially designed with vents for airflow not at its but on sides keeping your tobacco flavor pure and free from any extra carcinogens. Hence, you will never get the coal taste when you smoke your hookah. You can say that there are many HMD in the market that works in the same way so how it is different.

We take pride in our NAR Heat Management Device for several reasons. It is constructed in a way so you can put it directly on the burner, heat it alongside your coals, and enjoy an immediate session. Starbuzz NAR Head once heated can go on for multiple session without heating it again.

NAR Head comes with a thermostat that gives you an accurate reading of the heat of the coal inside. Now, you can see how heated your coal is and accordingly control it. The NAR top comes with some air vents that you can open and close as per your preference. Close them up if you want your smoke to be hot or open them if you're going to tone down a bit. You can always check the heat reading from the thermostat at the top.

Last but not least, we understand how difficult it is to handle an HMD when it is so burning hot. For this reason, we got two detachable handles that you can screw in whenever you need to move it. Starbuzz NAR Head, along with all its features, is crafted to make your hookah sessions a much more personalized and exciting.

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