Starbuzz Exotic Spicy Red Shisha

Starbuzz Exotic Spicy Red Shisha - A Spicy Minty Blend That You Can’t Ignore


We at Starbuzz Tobacco, are well-aware that you need unique flavors that will suit your varying preferences and mood. Hence, we brought you a series of some unusual blends featuring combinations that you had never imagined earlier. One such exotic flavor blend is our Starbuzz Exotic Spicy Red Shisha Tobacco. Today, we are going to offer you a deep insight of this tobacco so you can make an informed purchase and enjoy your hookah better. So, let’s get started now:

  • Flavor. It is a beautiful mix of spicy cinnamon and cool, refreshing tones of spearmint. The cinnamon blend is so strong that one might feel it is pure cinnamon tobacco, but as you smoke, the minty notes will gradually come out. Starbuzz Exotic Spicy Red Shisha may end up reminding you of the cinnamon candies.
  • Buzz. Made from French Virginia tobacco leaves, this Exotic flavor is packed with zests and robustness. If you are someone who prefers some buzz while smoking hookah, then you will love this tobacco for sure.
  • Smoke. No hookah session is perfect unless you can blow some huge clouds of smoke — no worries, when you have packed your hookah bowl with some Starbuzz Shisha tobacco. However, buzz and smoke output are much dependent on how you pack it.
  • Longevity. The longevity of your smoke means how long will your tobacco give out flavorsome smoke clouds. It contains a good amount of juice to give you long smoke sessions. However, longevity also depends on how you pack your bowl. Denser you pack it, longer you will be able to enjoy the flavors.

Nevertheless, a pack of 250 grams of Spicy Red Shisha can give you 10 to 15 bowls of delicious sessions. So, if you are searching for something different from the fruits and florals, go ahead try some Starbuzz Exotic Spicy Red Shisha.

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