WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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A tong that looks like it has been passed on from generation to generation. This also includes a foil poker, perfect for punching holes into your aluminum foil.
Although smelling like freshly cut black cherries, this fragrance is not overpoweringly fruity or sweet. This deep fragrance satisfies even the pickiest of candle lovers.
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The Blazn Burner is the personal infrared hookah charcoal burner that makes it easier than ever to light all types of hookah charcoal including natural, compressed and coconut shisha charcoal varieties.  The Blazn Burner technology...
Sweet like candy, yet refreshing as freshly picked berries, Blue Mist is a popular fragrance to all that catch a whiff. A bold scent, it can fill a large family room or apartment with its...
The flavor that started a revolution is now available in a Paper Air Freshener!</span><br /><span style="font-size: small;">Blue Mist® is truly a master crafted work of art in itself. The alluringly smooth cotton-candy notes make for...
Bold is the new Sexy!
Starbuzz® Cherry is a realistic and smooth cherry-aroma thats sweet to anyones nose.
Sweet and refreshing, this candle is filled with aromas of lemon and fresh berries. Great at masking other unwanted scents, Citrus Berry is perfect for the kitchen or even the powder room.
No one can deny the tranquil smell of a rose. Men and women alike can enjoy the clean aroma of fresh rose petals. It's the perfect candle for a romantic evening, but is also great...
A prestigious line of thick-walled, heavy-weight, and delicately designed Starbuzz® glass.  Measuring 11.8" tall, these stylish vases can compliment a wide variety of traditionally made stems, and are a great addition to our Made in USA...
Egyptian Clay Bowls are the bowl of choice amongst experienced hookah smokers. These glazed Egyptian Clay Bowls come in a verity of sizes and are hand-made in Egypt. *Please note that this bowl is hand-made...
A very fresh fragrance, Fuzzy Naval offers a perfectly balanced blend of juicy peach and orange aromas. This candle is great for summer, yet can offer the same sense of summer all year round.
A fresh, flowery fragrance that can brighten any room, this is one of our boldest candles to date. Place it in the bedroom and you will be able to smell it all the way to...

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