WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Although smelling like freshly cut black cherries, this fragrance is not overpoweringly fruity or sweet. This deep fragrance satisfies even the pickiest of candle lovers.
Sweet like candy, yet refreshing as freshly picked berries, Blue Mist is a popular fragrance to all that catch a whiff. A bold scent, it can fill a large family room or apartment with its...
Sweet and refreshing, this candle is filled with aromas of lemon and fresh berries. Great at masking other unwanted scents, Citrus Berry is perfect for the kitchen or even the powder room.
No one can deny the tranquil smell of a rose. Men and women alike can enjoy the clean aroma of fresh rose petals. It's the perfect candle for a romantic evening, but is also great...
A very fresh fragrance, Fuzzy Naval offers a perfectly balanced blend of juicy peach and orange aromas. This candle is great for summer, yet can offer the same sense of summer all year round.
A fresh, flowery fragrance that can brighten any room, this is one of our boldest candles to date. Place it in the bedroom and you will be able to smell it all the way to...
A sweet and fresh fragrance, this candle takes you outdoors to a flowering garden of blooming white Jasmine flowers. Bring the fragrances of Spring indoors anytime of the year! Great for any room of the...
Not necessary sweet, the Mojito fragrance is cool and minty with a touch of fresh citrus. It is not a scent for everyone, yet Mojito is a scent that is the favorite to many.
The October Leaves candle is fresh like clean laundry out of the dryer. This fragrance makes any room cozy and feels like a warm October breeze.
For those who like the aroma of sweet fruit, this is the “fruit punch” of exotic fruits. The aroma is bold and pleasurable, and is a perfect blend of all that is right with the...
Unique and exotic to say the least, this candle will leave your guests debating over what your candle actually smells like. With undertones of coconut, there are also aromas of citrus and cranberries. A perfect...
Simply and straightforwardly, this candle smells like sweet lemonade. Super fresh lemon fragrances are great at masking odors and giving your home the “freshly cleaned” aroma that is great for when expecting company.
Sweet as the name suggests, yet also mellow, Sweet Melon is a scent that everyone can agree on. Great for the office at work or a communal room at home, everyone enjoys this fragrance.
With a deep aroma of oranges and tangerines, Tangerine Dream is one of our milder candles. Fruity, yet not too sweet, this fragrance satisfies even the pickiest of candle lovers.
A favorite scent among many, this candle combines the sweetness of candy with the popular, strong scent of fresh peaches. This scent is great for the kitchen or living room, giving it the fresh, clean...
Soothing and cool, this aroma is also fresh and inviting. A great scent for the living room or bedroom, this fragrance offers the mind and body relaxation as well as mental clarity.

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